DIY easy steps on how to control bed dust mites

DIY easy steps on how to control bed dust mites

  • Healthy living is making sure the environment we live in is clean, safe, allergen free and chemical free.
  • Take a healthy step and control the dust mites in your bed.
  • Dust mites are known to create skin allergies and asthma and live in your pillow and in your bed by the millions.
  • As gross as it sounds, they eat our dead skin and are a major cause of asthma and allergies; especially in vulnerable individuals, such as children and the elderly. According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, approximately 10 percent of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites.
  • As we close up our houses during the cold months, the concentrations of dust mites and their feces increases inside.
  • Tips: Air out your mattress once a month and on sunny days let the rays work its magic.
  • Open your windows daily and let the fresh air in.
  • Spray the room with a natural air freshener.
  • Disinfecting solution:
  • 1. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water.
  • 2. Add 2 tbsps of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 3. Soak a wash cloth in the solution.
  • 4. Wring out the washcloth and clean the top, bottom and sides of the mattress.
  • 5. Let dry 1 hour.
  • 6. Wrap your mattress with a cotton cover.
  • 7. Wash the cover once month in hot water and add 1/2 cup of
  • white vinegar in the bleach dispenser.
  • Do this weekly to control and get rid of the dust mites population.
  • Your healthy family will thank you.
  • For the top air purifying plants.
  • For a vinegar detox air freshener recipe
  • For a lavender baking soda air freshener.
  • For a cinnamon air freshener.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Healthy Living.

  2. My problem is that I live in a flat and there is no balcony, so I can’t take my matress outside. What else would be great to kill the mites from my bed?

  3. Helen Haley says:

    Can you use this solution on a carpet also ?

    • I would not use it on carpet as it contains Hydrogen peroxide. BUT: you can mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and water and use on carpet stains.

  4. I couldn’t figure out what was making me itchy at night in my bed. I tried showering before bed, applied lotion all over thinking it was just dry skin, and changed out my linens every other day, but still had this annoyance. I tried your vinegar and water solution all over my mattress and pillows and washed my linens in hot water. That night and subsequent nights I have had no itching whatsoever. I have also used the solution on my living room furniture and pillows and feel much more comfortable while sitting in that room also. Your vinegar and water solution hint was most appreciated. Sometimes it’s the “old-fashioned” ways that are the best ways. Thank you!

    • I am very glad the vinegar solution helped. Make sure your air out your mattress too and open your windows.
      Stale air is not good, you need to create air flow.
      Agreed the old-fashioned ways are the greener ways and usually work best.
      Keep reading and make sure to enter our green give aways.

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