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Three Types and Sizes of Ads to advertise with us:

Leaderboard Ads are 550 x 70 pixels in size and are located at the top of every page on the site.

Sidebar Ads are 300 x 100 pixels in size and are located in the right column of our site, just below our Facebook Box.

Footer Ad spots are 225 x 300 pixels in size and are displayed at the bottom right of all pages of the site. There are two Footer Ad spots on every page and in all of our categories.

Ads Rotation:

Because we have a limited amount of space to include our many partner and sponsor advertisements, each time a page is loaded the banners will be randomly selected based on several factors. We have the ability to track statistics related to each banner presented. Our system allows us to monitor how many times the specific ad has been seen by our viewers and we can also see how many times each ad has been clicked.

Advertisement banners are displayed on all pages of our site and can also be configured to display on specific categories of our site. As an example a Leaderboard Banner Advertisement has the possibility of being displayed on the home page every time it is loaded AND the same Leaderboard Banner Ad may be displayed only in our Green Living >> Kids blog category.



How To Advertise On Our Site:

Please contact Sophie via Email (click here) and provide the following information.

  1. We need to know which ad spots you are interested in.
  2. Tell us the categories of our site that you would like each ad to be displayed in.
  3. We also need to know the URL that each of your ads will target.

Banner Ad Creation Service:

Many of our advertisement customer need assistance in creating the banner ads that they want to place on our site. If you would like our graphic designer to create ads for you  please let us know when you send us an email that details the ad spots you want and the categories you are interested in advertising in. We can pull photos, logos and text from you existing website or you can supply specific content and instruction on how you want your new banner to look.


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