Tips for the first 30 days of adopting a dog

Tips for the first 30 days of adopting a dog

Let’s be honest, there are few things cuter than a puppy. While buying a new puppy can be very tempting and a lot of fun, there are other dogs are in greater need of a forever home. When you adopt a dog, you are giving them a second chance to have the life that they deserve. Let’s take a look at some very important tips for the first 30 days of adopting a dog.

Before you bring your dog home:

• Find the area where your dog will be spending most of its time beforehand. Dogs get very stressed out when they are in a new home, so they may forget some of their habits like housebreaking. Rooms with tile floors rather than carpet are better for easy cleanup.

• If you are crate training, have the crate bought and set up before hand.

• Dog-proof your house in the areas where it will be spending a lot of time. Secure electrical cords, hide household chemicals, get rid of plants, rugs, and items that can break. Install baby gates in areas where you don’t want your new pal getting into.

• Coordinate with your family to create a list of commands, and make sure to be in sync. If you are all consistent with the commands, it will be easier for your dog to understand.

• Bring an ID tag and collar when picking up the dog. You can create an ID tag at most pet shops with your contact information on it in case the dog gets lost.

First day:

• Before introducing the new dog to friends, give it time to acclimate to its new surroundings and new family first. Also, make sure children are gentle when approaching at first.

• As soon as you get home for the first time, bring your new friend to its restroom area outside and give it some time to relieve itself so it gets used to the new routine.

• Limit excitement for the first few days to a week to keep the stress down.

• Make sure to find out what the dog is used to eating, and keep with the same brand. If you want to switch to another brand, gradually add it in over the course of a few weeks.

Following weeks:

• You will start to see the true personality of your dog once it is comfortable after a few weeks. Be patient and make sure to stick to a schedule with potty breaks, walks, eating, and play time.

• Make sure to take your new furry friend to its new veterinarian as soon as possible for a checkup. Make sure it has also the vaccines and treatment it needs to be a healthy and happy dog.

• Once the dog is vaccinated, you may want to take it to a training or obedience class depending on the dog.

• Try our awesome salmon garlic dog treat recipe. Healthy and whole foods like these will keep your dog extremely healthy and happy.

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