5 best home remedies for dog allergies

5 best home remedies for dog allergies

Spring doesn’t just mean allergies for humans; it also affects our furry little pet friends. Is your dog scratching himself or herself against the carpet to try and relieve their itching? If so, this article is for you. Please make sure to consult your pet’s veterinarian before attempting to treat any conditions. Let’s take a look at the 5 best home remedies for dog allergies.

1. Try essential oils:
If your dog is suffering from allergies that are causing itching, it could be due to inflammation. There are many natural essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties. Applying one of these oils to your dog’s skin can help relieve itching. The best oils for dogs are chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rose bark, and juniper essential oils. Make sure to test the oil on a small area first to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any adverse effects to it.

2. Coconut oil:
Coconut oil contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds and healthy fats. Not only will coconut oil help fight allergies, it is great for your dog’s overall health as well. Try mixing about 1 tsp of organic coconut oil per 10 pounds of dog.

3. Wipe off allergens:
After your dog has spent time outside, make sure to wipe him or her down. Doing this can get rid of a lot of allergens that end up in their fur and can prevent absorption of allergens. Simply use a clean wet towel or an organic wipe meant for dogs.

4. Omega-3 fatty acids:
Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for your dog’s health. They are great for allergies because of their potent anti-inflammatory effects. Treat your dog’s inflammation from within with omega-3’s. Some of the best sources are krill oil, salmon oil, and tuna oil. Talk to your vet about how much is right for your pet.

5. Bathing and grooming:
Dogs are close to the ground when walking outside. Even bigger dogs still make contact with their feet. Allergens stick to dogs much easier because of their fur. Making sure that your bathe your dogs and trim their coats regularly is key to getting through allergy season with them.

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