Kids who grow up with dogs have lower asthma risk

Kids who grow up with dogs have lower asthma risk

We love our little furry friends. They are our loyal companions and they show unconditional love in a way that only few can.

New research from Uppsala University in Sweden shows that kids who grow up with dogs have lower asthma risk than kids who don’t.

The researchers analyzed data on over a million Swedish children. They found that baby’s who were exposed to dogs in the first year of life had a significantly lower risk of asthma, with a 13 percent reduction.

The study also went further to observe the effects of farm animals on asthma risk. They found that farm animal exposure was linked to a whopping 52 percent lower risk for school age children and 31 percent lower for preschool children.

The research note that previous studies have linked dog exposure in a household to “altered bacterial flora in house dust.” However this is the first study to link dog exposure to these types of benefits.

We know that children with established allergy to cats or dogs should avoid them, but our results also indicate that children who grow up with dogs have reduced risks of asthma later in life,” concludes Karolinska Institutet epidemiologist Catarina Almqvist Malmros, an author in the study.

The study showing that kids who grow up with dogs have lower asthma risk was published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

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