Healthy tips for your heart on Valentine’s Day

Healthy tips for your heart on Valentine’s Day

  • Healthy tips for your heart on Valentine’s Day:
  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We are all looking forward to the special day when we can spend precious time with the one who has the key to our heart.
  • It is important to take keep your loving heart healthy.
  • Let’s look at some healthy tips for your heart on Valentine’s Day.
  • Eat dark chocolate:
  • Sugar filled chocolates may taste great, but the excess sugar can cause health risks. Try organic raw dark chocolate instead, it must be at least 70% organic cacao.
  • Not only does it have less sugar, but also it has shown heart health benefits. 
  • Eat wild Alaskan salmon:
  • Try eating wild Alaskan salmon for dinner. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide powerful antioxidant effects that can benefit the heart.
  • Avoid fried foods:
  • Instead of frying foods, which can add unwanted fats and oils, try a healthier cooking method such as steaming, grilling, roasting, or stir-frying.
  • Share a meal:
  • If you are going out on a date at a restaurant, try ordering one entrée and splitting it with your sweetheart or loved one. Sharing food can be an intimate moment and can keep you from overeating.
  • Stay hydrated:
  • Keeping your body hydrated by drinking plenty of  pure water. It can help ensure that you feel great on Valentine’s Day. It is also great from keeping your skin soft and supple for those special moments.
  • Take a walk:
  • Try taking a walk with your lover early in the morning. Walking can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol, which can in turn benefits heart health. Walking also improves blood flow and releases endorphins, which are feel good hormones.
  • Try new foods:
  • Go to the local farmers market and pick up a new fruit or vegetable that you both haven’t tried yet. Cooking something that you have never tried before can create a great memory. Remember when “we” discovered ….
  • A healthy heart is key to optimum health, keep it filled with love and feed your body well.
  • We hope you will follow these healthy tips for your heart on Valentine’s Day :-).
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