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Credit: © Henrik Larsson / Fotolia

5 easy and natural ways to get rid of silverfish

It is safer for your family to use natural solutions to take care of pests in your home and garden. Let’s look at 5 easy and natural ways to get rid of silverfish from Rodale’s Organic Life.

According to Orkin, Silverfish are teardrop shaped insects about 12-19mm in length, and brown-grey and or bluish-silver in color. They like to live in dark, damp areas like basements, kitchens, attics, and bathrooms.

They are attracted to paper and damp clothing as well.

If you find silverfish in your home, you will definitely want them out as soon as possible. They are creepy and have that skin crawling effect that a lot of pests have.

Let’s look at 5 easy and natural ways to get rid silverfish.

1. Get rid of humidity:

Silverfish love damp environments. Try using a dehumidifier in damp areas like basements to get rid of moisture. Seal up leaky pipes, and make sure your bathroom is ventilated properly. Make sure your gutters are clean so water can run down properly.

2. Clutter breeds pests:

Pests tend to love clutter, so the answer is simple: remove clutter. Silverfish love hiding in paper, so make sure to get rid of newspaper and any loose papers laying around that you don’t need.

3. Defend with essential oils:

Silverfish hate the smell of cinnamon, lavender, cedar, citrus, and basil. Any of these oils are great options for preventing silverfish. Simply fill a BPA-free spray bottle with filtered water, and add 25 drops of one of the above essential oils. Spray in hard to reach areas and anywhere that you feel silverfish would live. Storing your clothes with dried lavender sachets and cinnamon sticks will keep silverfish away.

4. Diatomaceous earth:

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a powdery substance containing a type of algae called diatoms. It is great for pests of many kinds. DE kills silverfish by getting rid of their protective outer coating. Sprinkle in areas where you see silverfish. Do this in the evenings for a few nights in a row.

5. Seal up your food:

Silverfish are attracted to carbs and sugars like cereal, rice, sugar, flour, and quinoa. Make sure to stir these foods and similar foods in airtight containers.

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