DIY natural snail repellents

DIY natural snail repellents

Snails and slugs can be pests in our gardens, and can destroy plants if their population is not controlled. The way you can tell if your garden is infested with snails besides seeing them is checking for holes in leaves.

There are pesticides that can get rid of snails, but some of these products can contain harmful chemicals. Going the ‘natural’ route is a much safer options. Let’s take a look at a few DIY natural snail repellents.

Diatomaceous earth:
Diatomaceous earth is a crumbly, porous sedimentary substance made from the fossil remains of diatoms, which are a hard-shelled type of algae. Because it has sharp edges, slugs and snails won’t dare cross it. Sprinkle some around your plants.

Egg shells:
Try sprinkling egg shells around your garden and plants. The egg shell edges are sharp, so snails and slugs will not want to cross them. This method provides double benefits, because the egg shells will decompose into the soil and help your plants grow as well.

Grapefruit rinds:
Snails are attracted to grapefruits. Mother Nature Network recommends using half of a grapefruit rind as traps. Set them out in your garden overnight upside down, and when you wake up in the morning, there should be slugs inside.

Plant rosemary and fennel:
Many experts recommend using a technique called companion planting. What this means is surrounding your plants with other plants that deter pests. Snails do not like plants such as rosemary, wormwood, fennel, anise, and rue. Try adding these plants to your garden.

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