How to get rid of a tick

How to get rid of a tick

As we know ticks are linked to Lyme disease.

Lyme disease, also known as Borreliosis, is a bacterial infection that is most common in the Northeast and Midwest United States. It is usually spread through tick bites.

It is important to get rid of ticks as soon as possible.

This is a less painful approach to get rid of ticks than most standard methods. You can use it on children, yourself and your pets.

Directions on how to get rid of a tick:
Apply a small amount of liquid Castille soap on a cotton ball
Cover the ticks with the soap soaked cotton ball
Blot it for 15-20 seconds
The ticks will spontaneously detach and stick to the cotton as you remove it
This is very easy and works on hard to reach areas

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For the top lyme disease management tips.

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