The top 6 mosquito repelling plants for your home and garden

The top 6 mosquito repelling plants for your home and garden

  • If you have kids and pets this is one more reason why should opt for healthier options and avoid commercial pest control products. Mosquito repelling plants really work!
  • Using plants to repel mosquitos serves many purposes. It not only keeps flies away, but also adds beauty to your garden.
  • We have narrowed the list down to six easy plants to take care of.
  • Let’s take a look at the top 6 mosquito repelling plants.
  • Ageratum:
  • This plant is also called Flossflowers, and it releases a smell that mosquitos hate. Ageratum secretes coumarin, which is often used in mosquito repellents.
  • Catnip:
  • It is well known not only as an effective fly repellent, but as a mosquito repellent as well. Research published by Iowa State University shows that catnip is 10 times more effective than DEET, a chemical used in most commercial pest repellents.
  • Citronella:
  • This grassy plant is the most common natural ingredient used in mosquito repellent products. Citronella emits a strong smell that makes it hard for mosquitos to find other smells that attract them to you.
  • Horsemint:
  • This perennial plant is also known as Beebalm. Horsemint works similar to Citronella, by giving off a strong smell and confusing mosquitos.
  • Lavender:
  • This beautiful, aromatic plant is a great mosquito repellent. It is even recommended by the New York Botanical Garden as a mosquito repellent. It is believed that lavender even interferes with a mosquito’s ability to smell.
  • Marigolds:
  • These plants grow beautiful golden flowers, which emit a smell that mosquitos hate. The flower contains Pyrethum, which is used often in commercial mosquito repellents.
  • Take a green step for healthy living and plant these in your garden today. You can create a shield and plant around your home foundation. 
  • Adding some of these plants in pots on your window seals works too.
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