Sore throat and allergy fighter magic syrup

Sore throat and allergy fighter magic syrup

This syrup is a potent sore throat, cough and allergy fighter in a jar. It is is armed with nature’s very best. Allergy season is in full swing, this remedy will be of great help to you.

Honey will soothe your throat. Lemon is packed with vitamin C and will boost your immune system. With its medicinal antiseptic and anti- microbial properties coconut oil will help fight infection and reduce symptoms.

Sore Throat and Allergy Fighter

Syrup recipe:


3 Tbsps organic lemon  juice

1/4 cup raw honey

2 Tbps organic coconut oil

Optional: Add 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon

Note: Make sure all the ingredients are organic.

Drink during allergy season or when under the weather. Take 1 tablespoon 2 to 3 times daily. It is best to take after breakfast, before going outdoors and at bed time.

As always: Consult your health practitioner and use with caution.

We recommend Living Tree Community Foods as a reputable source  for the raw honey.

For the medicinal properties of coconut oil.

For an allergy season smoothie recipe.

For a potent allergy fighter tea recipe.



  1. Question on wondering what the shelf life is for making a jar like this and refrigerate or not? What throws me off is the lemon, as obviously the other two ingredients are ok with a good shelf life!

  2. jahnettej says:

    How often & how much should I take of the lemon juice,honey coconut oil for allergies? Thanks



  4. Linda Jones says:

    Another question on one large batch. Can you do that with the cold, sore throat and other remedies for colds or illnesses? Say either a day or two days at a time? Also, can these remedies go through a canning process for longer storage?
    Thank you!

  5. Do you drink it all at once, or take small amounts throughout the day whilst you have symptoms (i.e. 3 tsp daily)?

  6. Really needing something like this right now. Thank you! But I’m wondering, do we blend and drink it straight like that, or add a bit to some warm water and drink that?

  7. This is all so very interesting. Thank you!

  8. Hi there, I suffer from allergies especially this time of the year and any change of weather. I would like to try this remedy. Once the remedy is made does the whole mixture get consumed at once or do we have a tablespoon?

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