Honey and cinnamon to lose weight fast

Honey and cinnamon to lose weight fast

This honey and cinnamon to lose  weight recipe is claimed to help you shed pounds fast in a natural way.
Please remember any kind of store-bought appetite suppressant can be dangerous and may not necessarily help you with your weight loss goals.

There are so many weight loss recipes out there and it can be very misleading.
Many of you may not think of eating honey  and cinnamon to lose weight, but when combined they can reduce food cravings.

Let’s look at the ingredients in this honey and cinnamon to lose weight recipe:


It helps boost and speed up the metabolism which helps the body burn fat.

Honey has a healthier glycemic index (GI) than sugar, therefore it doesn’t cause a sugar rush, but it is gradually and progressively absorbed into our body.


It stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases the metabolism of glucose. Since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat, cinnamon helps prevent this.

Cinnamon improves insulin function. Thus, you lose weight.

The cinnamon and local honey clean parasites, fungus and bacteria in the digestive tract.

You will also have a feeling of fullness and satiety.


1 tbsp of organic honey

1 tsp of organic cinnamon

1 cup of filtered water

To make it simple: One part cinnamon and two parts honey is what is required  for this weight loss recipe.


Put the cinnamon in a  bowl

Boil 1 cup of filtered water

Pour the hot water over the cinnamon

Steep for 15 minutes

Add honey to the cooled liquid

Always add honey to the cooled liquid – hot liquid will destroy the enzymes in the raw honey.

Note: Drink this twice a day: 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup before going to bed. Take on an empty stomach.

You may experience more energy and better sex drive.

We hope this weight loss recipe will work for you.

We suggest you use filtered water to get the purest recipe and get the full benefits. (You can use a simple water filter system or a powered pitcher).

As always: Check with your health practitioner before you change your diet and see if this recipe or any weight loss recipe you wish to try are right for you. This drink is not meant to replace any treatment or drugs you are taking.

– We recommend Living Tree Community Foods as a reputable source  for the cinnamon and raw honey.

– We also recommend Aquasana for the best water filter systems. They are very affordable and deliver on their mission to give you delicious and pure water.

Healthy living is drinking healthy water and eating organic food for a long life!

For honey the healing treasure.

For the health benefits of cinnamon.

For how to select the right water filter.

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  1. I wanted to ask does this help detox your colon as well if you have diverticulosis?

  2. Hi Stepy

    I am going to start using your recipe for weight loss. You have mentioned that it needs to be taken for two months. After 2 months, can i give a break and continue? If yes, what is the break period? Thank you.

  3. Hi, I always drink two classes of water first thing in the morning. do I have to drink this tea before the water or it doesn’t matter?
    Thank you .

  4. Ruth Samweli says:

    I’m just seeing this now,im very fat with about 94kgs and im short
    I will try this and see whether it can help in burning my calories
    is there anything else I can do to accompany this?

  5. Can I have 1 cup of the solution both at morning and night instead of 1/2 a cup?

  6. Hi, do I have to consume the sloppy cinnamon at the bottom or just the liquid?

  7. is it ok to take cinnamon powder with lemon juice and warm water….???i dont like honey….

  8. Hi, I am taking honey and lemon in hot water every day on an empty stomach. Along with this can I take honey and cinnamon combination too. Please advise should I take this combination before or after lemon honey combination and what should be the time gap between the two

  9. Hi Sarah,
    You can up to 48 hours, fresh is best.
    Good luck.

  10. Can you take the cinnamon and honey without making a tea? (Mixing the cinnamon and honey together, eating that, then drinking water?) A quick reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  11. Can I use tea bagged cinnamon powder?

  12. I’m going to try this, but can I use filtered water that isn’t boiled?

  13. I took ground. Cinnamon with honey for 3 week, lost 2kg. Thank you!

  14. I learnt this through my sister a friend of her has lost 8kgs in 2 months am trying this al come back with the results

  15. I am just starting this today. My cinnamon came in last night. But I have been doing oil pulling and was wondering what one to do first. They both say on an empty stomach.

  16. I’ve been doing the honey cinnamon drink for about a week now and have lost 5 1/2 lbs. It has curbed my appetite and cravings. Having to drink before bed on an empty stomach has eliminated my VERY bad habit of having a snack at bed time. I have ordered Ceylon cinnamon and it is arriving in 2 days so anxious to see if it helps with my arthritis. I’m also a big water drinker and would like to know if I can drink water right after or right before. Thanks:)

    • Glad it helped Darlene. Continue doing it the way you have. Drinking water right after may dilute its effect. Please ask a nutritionist.

  17. Just started this today i will be back in 2 weeks to keep everyone updated ..

  18. Kazi Shabina Yasmin says:

    Cinnamon honey water i take every morning empty stomach, again I take cinnamon honey green tea every evening. I take twice a day like this. Is this ok or not?

    • Hi Kazi,
      Please follow the recommendations in article and make sure you talk to a health expert or nutritionist to help you with your weight loss goals.

  19. i am drinking this mixture regularly and it works and i want to try this flat tummy water, pls which do i drink first in the morning?

  20. Hi trying out this recipe with my training and diet. mainly meat and no if little carbs.. if theres any tips or suggestions you can give me i would appreciate it alot.


  21. What do you think about adopting a normal diet but spreading it out over 6 times a day? I was just reading a page and it said it stimulated the metabolism so you lost weight. Will it be enough when I eat healthy foods to lose weight? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Maria
      Please ask your health practitioner of nutritionist to help and guide you. Try to avoid processed foods refined sugars as well Good luck!

  22. I have never heard of this website until now. Have a lot of health issues. Been wanting to switch to alternative methods. I am tired of being on medications that cause side effects. I will try this weight loss method first but looking for other methods as well.

  23. Yes,Honey!
    The long last natural ingredients that always proves to be good for losing extra body fat!

  24. It also helps to suppress your appetite and craving for sweet food, so you won’t gain weight easily.
    Well you know the amount of it is true on your behalf.
    Beverages that contain drink, sodas, coffee, sweetened drinks allow it to become difficult to lose weight.

  25. I am going to try it to lose weight…..

  26. I recently found out at my local spice shop that most cinnamon sold is actually “cassia”. For health benefits be sure to use “True Ceylon Cinnamon.” I am starting to use this recipe and will post in a month how well it worked for me (or not). I am working on losing 25 lbs.

  27. Ruqayya Hafeez says:

    If i make it in morning and take half cup and refrigerate half for night. .Is it better to re-heat the refrigerated one?

  28. Is it cool to use ground cinnamon? Does it really only need to be organic?

    • You can use ground cinnamon and it must be organic to get the full benefits and potency. Good luck and please talk to your health expert or nutritionist before changing your diet.

  29. Hi,
    Will this mixture work even wen I don’t change my diet. I cannot afford 2 buy food to diet,Thanx.

    • Hi Thembi,
      You need to eliminate processed foods and refined sugar. Exercise is also recommended.
      Please talk to your health practitioner. Good luck

  30. VIRGINIA VELA says:

    Hi my name is Virginia just wanted to say thank you for this honey and cinnamon recipe for me it really works I lost 10 pounds and I feel wonderful and of course I do light yoga I take 1 mile walks every day and still have lots of energy and I don’t have any cravings for junk or any other sweets and I have to say for the first time in my life I feel like a new person I feel great I’m 40 years old and this honey and cinnamon tea changed my life so thank you very, very.

  31. Hi. I just started this last night and i have a few questions.
    1. How long before/after a meal should i drink this? When is your stomach considered totally empty?
    2. Is it okay to add the honey even if the water and cinnamon aren’t all the way cool after 15 mins? (would it hurt to steep longer than 15 mins if not cool enough)?
    3.Is it better to drink warm or should I refrigerate and re-heat?
    4. Must the cinnamon be organic?

  32. Does it have any side effect on breastfeeding mother. Please I need a reply

  33. vineetha shiju says:

    powdered cinnammon & honey for the best results thanks

  34. Hie is it safe 2 drink this mixture if u are pregnant

  35. Anita.white says:

    Hi when the cinnamon has cooled down it settles on the bottom do you drink the powder

    • Hi Anita,
      Stir all before you drink. Please talk to a health practitioner before changing your diet. Good luck.

      • I have that same question. Even if I stir it vigorously there is still some cinnamon powder in the bottom of the mug. When we get to the bottom of the cup, do we drink the cinnamon powder that did not fully disolve?

  36. hi I just started the cinnamon and honey diet I know you have to drink 8 ounces a day okay I get that part after drinking 4 after drinking 4 ounces of the honey and cinnamon drink what do you do with the other four ounces do you drink it cold or do you drink it wrong

  37. Hi,

    Would it do any harm if i drink the mixture 1 cup 3 times a day, for quicker results?

    Please advise 🙂

  38. (honey and cinnamon drink) does it have any side effects, please.

    • Hi Ankita,
      As with everything, use caution and talk to a health professional or nutritionist before changing your diet. Good luck!

  39. Hi! Just for clarification I can make two days worth at a time and keep it in the fridge until I’m ready to drink it? I only get up 45 minutes before I hit the gym and that’s not enough time to wait for the water to cool and then still be able to eat something before I head out.

    Would it also work if I drank it post gym? I usually workout for an hour and a half. My stomach should be empty after the gym because it will have been two hours since I ate anything. Is that okay?


  40. HI,


  41. i wanna see the previous comments please.. how can i ??

  42. hello, i have been doing this for 3 days, and i find it hard to drink the drink refrigerated every morning as i am always the ”last minutes” kind of person, will this drink turn bad if i left the other half on my table overnight instead or putting it into the fridge?
    also thanks you for the information.

    • Hi Vivian,
      Fresh is best, we don’t recommend keeping outside the fridge. Why don’t you take it out when you get up and make enough for 2 days.

  43. how do I measure a stick of cinnamon for daily use.

  44. hello, can i use pure honey ? or does it have to say raw or organic ?

  45. Hi can you make twice a day instead of drinking cold in the morning?

  46. Hi, I got standard ground cinnamon from local shop, Is that ok to use. Thanks… Paul

  47. Can you use the honey & cinnamon on whole grain toast?

  48. mohit anand says:

    hi i am 26 height around 5’10” and i weigh around 92 kgs. i was diagnosed with hypertension sometime back so would it be ok for me to try this.

  49. I have just learned about this honey and cinnamon mixture, I am obese, I am going to start and will give feedback.

    • Hi, was just wondering what has been the progress so far for you? i’m interested in trying this drink out but just want to see how everyone else have resulted from this. thanks

      • Hi Sandra,
        Please read the comments and you will see each individual is different. Make sure you avoid all processed foods, sodas and refined sugars. Good luck!

  50. do i have to take the mixture together without filtering the cinnamon powder?pls reply

    • Hi Sally,
      it is recommended to keep the cinnamon as is and not filter. As with everything use caution and ask your health practitioner if this is right for you. Good Luck!

  51. Iam 65 kgs .. how long will have to use this drink to loose 2 kgs

  52. I have done this for two months. I seen that you should not do it forever. I am wondering why since using separate both are benificial. I don’t see the scale move much but have Horton comments on my weight loss so I guess inches are my results. And yes cravings decreased. But like I said, I heard not to do forever. Do when I stopped, the hunger and cravings returned. Hope this helps someone out there.

  53. no one has yet to say if this has worked for them. HAs anyone actually lost weight by drinking this? and if so, how long did it take to see results?

  54. Tried the mixture and appears it`s working, How long should I continue with the programme and how safe is it?

  55. Hi Friends!! This Honey And Water Treatment Is Working Ah?

  56. I am new to this site and curious about this honey and cinnamon water, but where can I get organic cinnamon?

    • Hi Wanda,
      Welcome to our community. You can get the organic Ceylon cinnamon at http://www.livingtreecommunity.com

    • Anonymous says:

      I went online, and looked up Ceylon cinnamon, the results brought up a couple of spice and sage houses. I bought 16. Oz for 19.95, and got a free sample of steak seasoning 😉 free shipping at the site I went to as well. I started using the recipe with regular cassio cinnamon ( average store bought) , and what honey I already had in my cabinet. I then bought 100% raw wild honey. I found that I am losing inches, before noticing the lbs coming off. However, I started this process about a month and a half after I started working out. I had already been losing weight, and had hit a wall. This recipe was just enough to help me feel full, eat less, and this actually keeps fat from sticking to your body. The math that I read said that it will burn approximently 1% of your body weight! and results were based on a two month study. Lots of research out there, just gotta keep looking for it. When I receive my Ceylon Cinnamon in the mail, and really start doing the recipe, with the correct ingredients, I will be able to post my results, whether positive or negative. Although, I too, do not foresee any problems either. Good luck to All, and Best of Luck!

  57. Velma sanchez says:

    I been drinking a cup in the am one during the day and one at night…is that ok?

  58. Velma sanchez says:

    the honey and cinnamon recipe is a power cinnamon or stick cinnamon

  59. I am starting today. I really hope this works. I have tried a lot of diets. I think I fail at it because it takes so long for me to see results. So I have one question, when will I see results? This sounds good. As of a matter of fact, I just drank my first half of cup and it taste ok as well. I have had worse, lol.

  60. thanks for the great tips.
    i just want to ask isit ok to use cinnamon sticks instead of the powder ,, does it have the same effect for loosing weight.

    thank you

  61. I cant get organic cinnamon. Can i use the artificial processed one?

    • No.. Only Ceylon cinnamon is good. The Vietnamese (or cassia?.) cinnamon I.e. Cheaper grocery store cinnamon contains a compound that is actually toxic to the liver and should never be used other than little sprinkles here and there. These articles should mention this more clearly. Also, only use raw, unfiltered honey.

  62. Just started this week definitely is cutting the appetite right down which is amazing so will stay on the cinnamon and honey to help me loss weight 😉 am excited

  63. I found this on facebook(on a recipe page)-The first few times i tryd it, I forgot to let the water cool before adding the honey(opps my mistake)..but i’m fixing some right now-for later on tonight. I have found out, that puting the water(after it comes off the stove -still hot)-that placeing in the frig will cool it off..I let it set out on the stove b4 that.

  64. i will love to know if i can take cinnamon warm with lemon.apart from the honey is it good to mix the cinnamon with warm water and lime to take for weight loss?

  65. okay so I am using this recipe since the last 3 days, one question that comes to mind is:
    Is it okay to filter the cinnamon liquid/tea and hence remove the cinnamon powder (I use ground cinnamon) from this infusion once the liquid has come to a cool? What I mean to ask is, after letting the cinnamon steep in the water for 30 mins (or more), is it okay to filter it before adding the honey, or am I supposed to ingest the grounded cinnamon along with this infusion? Please clarify, your help will be much appreciated.

  66. Sounds gud to me. Will try

  67. if i take this cinamon and honey recipe how long will it take to see changes in my weight please reply tks.

    • Hi John,
      It varies with each person.You need to combine with exercise and a healthy fruit and vegetable diet. Talk to a nutritionist or health practitioner for guidance. Hope this helps.

  68. weight loss supplement says:

    Losing snacking practice * choose wholesome whole-foods market as being a goblet
    of whole milk as opposed to Devoid of fat.
    Keep a food diary to note down the amount of calories you are taking.

    Today in this fast world of technology obesity is rampant and sure a chronic disease that needs to be cured.

  69. Of all the people that have commented that they are going to try this, have they and if so, how did it go? Has anyone had success with it?

  70. Brianna Martin says:

    Im going to try this out, Im getting married in Feb & i want to lose my pregnancy weight. Hope this helps!

  71. I am going to start this once i get all ingredients, but what about food restrictions ? can we eat all the items that we are eating every day or do we need to follow some restrictions?

    Please help me ..


  72. wl honey in cool wl help to reduce weight

  73. Is ground cinnamon ok to use.

  74. I’m drinking my morning cinnamon and honey right now for the first time. Do I refrigerate the second 1/2 cup or leave it out and drink it at room temperature before bed?

  75. You make it the way she says and drink 1/2 in the morning, and the other half before bed.

  76. im very curious about this. But want to try this.

  77. I joined Sure-Slim 4 months ago and I lost 13kg.my question is that I am supposed not to take any sugar and carbohydrates so how can I drink honey as it is sugar please help me as I learnt that it helps u to feel full

  78. today is my first time. tastes good. do I need to rewarm the last half?

  79. can i add lemon also to this drink???

  80. it says Always add honey to the cooled liquid – hot liquid will destroy the enzymes in the raw honey.
    does this mean that you drink it warm?

  81. I am curious about the cinnamon in this… I have raw honey and until I found some organic cinnamon I was just using what I had in the cupboard. I went to my health food store and picked up cinnamon from there and I am finding that it is congealing once the water starts to cool. This never happened with my regular cinnamon, so I am wondering if it is supposed to be gellied or not?

  82. It says, “On an empty stomach, ” and, “30 minutes before eating. ” Does this include water or may I drink? Thanks!

  83. You should take part in a contest for one of the finest websites
    on the web. I am going to recommend this website!

  84. Wow! Read all the comments, and am gonna start too.. Am soo determined with hopes of success!!
    Thanks all.

  85. Hi I have a huge bottle of white clover honey, is this okay to use? or do I have to buy another kind? and can I use just your standard baking cinnamon powder or cinna sticks? I don’t want to order special cinnamon from another country…can you help me im on my way to the market.

  86. God bless you and thank you for your kindness & patience. You are well versed in what we’re asking questions about, I thought I understood the recipe and the process until I read all the posts, now I’m quite confused. I’ll go back & look again! I’ve 2 to 1 ratio, raw, organic honey to powdered cinnamon. Put 1 tsp. cinnamon in a bowl, pour 1 C. boiling water over it & let steep for 15 minutes. Add 1 Tbs. honey to cooled mixture. Drink 1/2 c. in morning on empty stomach. Drink remaining 1/2 c. before bed, again on empty stomach. Check with Dr. before starting change to diet. Correct?

    Thank-you again, your Q & A certainly covers every aspect! This is my first one, I’m just wondering when we get into something a bit more complicated if we can confuse you! Just kidding, I’m sure you know well what you are helping us with, thanks!

  87. Today is the day! Yep I’ll be drinking the honey & cinnamon mixture for weight loss. Please cross your fingers for me, I need to loose all this pregnancy fat. My current weight is 84kg,I will update you as I continue. Wish me luck!

  88. I forgot to comment that, I’m also taking a cup of 100% Cassia acutifolia to help with bowel movements at night, as I’m always constipated, can these two be taken side by side??

  89. sorry i made a little mistake in my question i want to know if i could use lemon along with cinnoman and honey?

    • Hi Sinu,
      Lemon is not included in this recipe. Just honey and cinnamon. Each person reacts individually. A plant derived diet and exercise will help too.Always talk to your health practitioner before changing your diet. Good luck!

  90. i want to reduce my weight. i use apple cider vinegar before breakfast and lunch and also do exercise my weight is 75 kg i want to reduce 10 kg is cinnamon and honey good for me how to use it ?

  91. So 1 tablespoon of honey 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with 1 cup of water drink 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night. All these comments are confusing me.

  92. Belinda Strickland says:

    Starting this today but I have two questions. Question one, do I stir it up before drinking it especially the one in the morning? Question two, to save time I would like to make a weeks worth and keep it in the fridge (sticking to the 2:1 ratio) would that have an adverse affect on the drink?


    • Hi Belinda,
      Yes please stir before using. You can make enough for 5 to 6 days. We recommend you make a fresh batch every week and cannot recommend making weeks in advance.

  93. hey there sophie.. i wanna ask is this recommended in fasting month ..that u do drink it in sehri and iftar as this is the month of ramadan..kindly let me know..and thanx for the excellent recipe for weight loss 🙂

  94. donna-alecia says:

    Nice page! Very informative thank u 🙂 am thinking about starting this diet as I am 5″4 tall and weigh 130lbs my normal weight was always 110lb. However since this weight gain i am always tired and my libido has gone down.

  95. Hi Is it okay to use the cinnamon stick. I find it hard to thick to drink with powder unless i strain it first. Is it okay to strain it before drinking?

  96. Hi
    I read from a site that you can use the ration 2:1 for the mixture. Is it true or I should just stick with the 1tbsp and 1tsp?

  97. Hello,

    Can we use powdered form of cinnamon to mix with boiled water or should we pour the boiled water over the cinnamon in its raw form?

  98. Hi,
    First of all let me appreciate your effort of replying each and every repeated question so nicely. I want to ask that T it’s very difficult to find cinnamon powder the place where I live. Can I boil raw cinnamon or cinnamon stick for this recipe and plus if I use processed honey like company one will it still effect? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Huda,
      You are very kind!You need to use raw and organic honey. You also need to use Ceylon cinnamon. It has the effect of increasing blood circulation. Increased blood flow generally boosts your metabolism which is why it may be helpful in weight loss. We do not recommend boiling from sticks.

  99. I made a batch last night and it turned thick and almost “snot” looking, what did I do wrong?

  100. Honey and cinnamon for weight loss, nice to know. Thanks for sharing this article. It will help many!

  101. Mam, can u plz tell me that after making the mixture, can I filter it using some cotton cloth in to other cup or using some other thing for filteration

  102. Everything is very open with a very clear explanation of the challenges.

    It was definitely informative. Your website is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  103. Is it okay to drink while pregnant?

  104. can it be made in a larger quantity and refrgerated?

  105. ok so I just took my first half like 10mins ago we shall see what happens….really hope this will work plus not to mention all the other aspect of the two combined…………

  106. Does this drink have any side effects?
    Is it OK if I drink it only in the morning?

    • This drink is to be taken twice a day. There are side effects: more energy and sex drive. As always: consult your health practitioner before changing your diet.

  107. marsela loydd says:

    did much weight loss to expect, also for how long do you drink this

  108. Maneel Arora says:

    I came across this recipe during my short stay in US and was very keen to try it on myself. I have a concern regarding intake of cinnamon in a day. In India, it is believed that cinnamon is a heat generating edible ingredient and we use it rather sparingly in our foods because it can cause red rashes over body if taken in a generous quantity. can someone please resolve this confusion for me. If I take this drink in India with same quantity of ingredients as prescribed in your instructions above, can it cause me rashes or bring about other heat related problems like bleeding nose/swelling or itching on the face and body ? Please let me know so that I can start this drink at the earliest here only and continue it once I reach home in a month’s time. Thanks.

    Maneel Arora

  109. hi there, do you have to warm up the pm drink or drink it cold?

  110. Could this be made in advance in a larger quantity and refrigerated? Say, a week’s worth?

  111. Martha L. Serna says:

    I’ve tried different diets and didn’t work I’m gonna try this one I hope to get good resuls!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  112. I have a 2 months old baby and am breast feeding. Is this mixture for my baby?

  113. Dennis Jones says:

    I pre-made 2 cups at a time and stored them in the Fridge. I took 1/2 cup in morning and 1/2 at night exactly as you described. I did this for 2 weeks and almost half a pound of raw honey. Nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

  114. Hi guys a friend told me about this drink and in the last two weeks I have lost 4kg it is amazing the weight loss is mainly in the stomach area. Finally I can get into a size 8 good luck girls just follow it up don’t give up half way and reduce carbs

    • Hi Zara,
      I have read about this weight loss solution on pinterest 4 months ago and since then I’ve been doing this, lost 3-4 kg, and now it is became a “must have” in the morning and evening. Very happy with the result.

    • Dear Zara

      Loss of 4 KG in two weeks !! It is amazing. Now instructions given suggest ‘ before going to bed. Take on an empty stomach’ How it possible before bedtime and empty stomoch ? Madam sophie/zara pl explain.

  115. I was wondering, would clover honey and ground cinnamon work? not sure if not having specifics would skew the results. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Megan,
      As long as the honey is raw and organic. Ground cinnamon is perfect! Good luck!

    • Diane Peacock says:

      I’m doing 1 tsp cinn and 1Tbs honey before bed and first thing in the morning,then again around 3 pm. This afternoon one seems to alleviate hunger and help me eat less for supper. Is this too much? I had a 5 lb loss after 1 wk. I’m using grocery store cinn and honey. Is that ok?

      • Diane Peacock says:

        I’m doing 1tsp cinnamon and 1 Tbs honey in 1 cup water before bed, first thing in the morning, and about 3 pm to alleviate hunger and reduce food eaten for supper. I’m using grocery store cinnamon and honey. Is this too much & is quality ok?

      • Yes as long as it is organic, and raw honey of course :-). Local honey is the best if you can get.

      • Whenever you take it around 3 pm do you drink half then & before you go to bed? Also do you have to workout with this diet?

        • Yes take 1/2 then the other half before going to bed. Exercise is not only healthy but it helps with weight loss. Thanks for visiting.

  116. Just want to let you all know that I lost 20lbs in 3 months
    I drank 1 cup 30 minutes before breakfast & 1 cup before going to bed. I used a cheese cloth to strain…hope this helps……..blessings 🙂

  117. I tried this and drank the whole cup at once… (I hadn’t read to split it up into two parts, oops!) I highly recommend splitting it up, as it gave me a bit of a stomach ache.

  118. How much weight will you possibly lose?

    • Hi Jasmine,
      Each individual reacts differently. Make sure you combine this with a plant derived diet. Avoid processed foods, heavy foods, exercise and drink plenty of water. Keep us posted and good luck.

  119. C R Dash says:

    Can a diabetic use this therapy?

  120. I want to start this,after that i will write about my experience.Before i had tried many medicines to lose weight but after leaving the product I gained more .Now my weight is 78 kg ,I want to reach 60 kg which is perfect for me.

  121. hi, i read on this site, http://www.thedoctorstv.com/melissaw72/posts/4475-Weight-Loss, that you drink a cup a day, half in morning, and half at night before sleeping. is it one cup per day or two cups? you have a great site! thanks

  122. Is it ok to take this at night after having a few drinks?

  123. I am trying the honey and cinnamon weight loss diet. Was wondering the recipe say 1 tbsp. I am a diabetic i used 1tsp of honey instead . Would it still work or should i try it 1 tbsp. thanks

  124. How many weeks before I will lose the weight please?

    • Hi Jane,
      Each individual reacts differently. Many people see results within 2 weeks. Make sure you talk to a health professional before changing your diet.

  125. how long before you see results

    • Each individual reacts differently. Many people see results within 2 weeks. Make sure you talk to a health professional before changing your diet.

  126. can i take this mixture everyday

  127. hi … this sounds so good. i must try this … i am a diabetic … i used 1/4 tsp would it still work ?

  128. Hi..
    Can I use Dabur Honey for this?

  129. Hi there,

    Well I am going to try this, oh boy have I been trying to loose weight for who knows how long now. I have to be positive that this is going to work. I am really desperate at this stage. Well wish me luck, will get back and let you know the out come…..

    • Good luck Debbie. The key is to combine with a raw diet and avoid fatty and processed foods. Eat fresh and real foods. Keep us posted.

  130. HI!
    Does this drink really aid in weight loss? I have read many articles but I would love a honest opinion. Also, when you drink the second half should you drink it cold or warmed up? Thanks for your input. Dee

  131. Has anyone seen results from this and if so, what was the time frame after beginning usage?

  132. This sounds really good. Do you drink the whole cup 2x a day or do you split it up and drink 1/2 a cup?

  133. Does this have to be refrigerated?

  134. Pete McDowell says:

    Is this ok for a Type 2 diabetic?

  135. How much do you drink each time? 1 tablespoon?

  136. Can this be made ahead?

  137. I tried just the cinn

    amon and honey together, I used up 2 jars of honey and this didn’t work, someone told me to try it but they left out the water, i just mixed honey and cinnamon together and took it like a medicine, so i’ll try it with the water and see what it does, it had a good taste..

  138. I eat honey every day, I put it on things everyday, So I am going to try this. Wow I hope it works how soon cxan you drink or eat after you drink this drink???? Thanks for sharing this.

  139. Anonymous says:

    There are 3 tsp per TBLS… so it should be 1 part cinnamon to 3 parts honey.

  140. Can any honey be used for this…..

  141. Can you use ground cinnamon or does it have to be in stick form?

  142. Anonymous says:

    Can I use the Manuka honey for this? Thanks

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