Pong™ iPhone cover

Pong™ iPhone cover

Part of our top 10,” Must-Haves”:  The Pong™ iPhone cover.

We hear more and more about the harmful effects of radiation exposure through the use of cellular telephones.

Phones are an essential part of our lives. Let’s be honest, we cannot live without ours.

Some info on the Pong™ iPhone cover and why we like it so much:

Scientifically engineered, the case can improve signal strength by up to 46%.

Its efficient antenna performance can increase talk-time battery life by up to 1.3 hours.

 It reduces exposure to wireless radiation by up to 91% below international safety limits, by redirecting cell phone radiation away from your head and body.

 It is soft to the touch and comes in beautiful leather

 It is available in gorgeous colors: black, red, deep purple, light blue and neon green colors.

It is available online, where you can also find some other products you may like.

Did you know?  There are 690 million Google searches from cell phones per day.  2.7 hours per day are spent socializing on our cell phones – twice the time we spend eating.

Take a green step: YOU are worth it.

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