Apricot dishmate liquid soap giveaway

Apricot dishmate liquid soap giveaway

  • A healthy giveaway for you!
  • Our  giveaway this time is the Apricot dishmate liquid cleaner from Earth Friendly Products.
  • It is a powerful hand dish washing soap that is naturally hard on grease yet gentle on your skin.
  • It is a multi-purpose product we cannot do without!
  • You can use for your hand washable clothes too.
  • It is coconut derived and all natural.
  • No dyes or phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum ingredients.
  • You need to take 2 healthy steps in oder to win:
  • 1. Email: alice@stepin2mygreenworld.com and enter this code STEPin2EFPD
  • 2. Comment here and tell us why YOU deserve this product.
  • Giveaway ends February 22, 2014.
    For all you need to know about the apricot dishmate liquid cleaner.
  • Apricot Liquid Dishwashing Soap

    Apricot Liquid Dishwashing Soap


  1. I deserve it because I will put it in a place of kitchen honor and introduce it to all of the visitor’s in my home.

  2. Mippy/Sabrina says:

    I would love to try your your product. That is why I’d like to win. Thank you for the chance! 😀
    ~Mippy/Sabrina 🙂

  3. Would love to see for myself how this product compares to the one I am using at the moment.

  4. Would love to try more natural products !

  5. I spend so much on earth friendly products.

  6. Reycca Dotson says:

    I’m always on the fence about dish washing liquid as I try to find something that works great and doesn’t leave me with hands comparable to tree bark! I’d love to see if this works!!!

  7. Alita Alexander says:

    I deserve to win this because.. I love apricots and my aging hands have taken quite a beating over the years with other dish washing liquids!

  8. OK, I deserve this dish washing liquid because I caved in to a coupon and purchased not just one but two bottles of Dawn with Bleach Alternative. OUCH! The stuff is just killing my hands. Buy natural products! Plus, not to whine, but I’ve had a rough 2014 so far, having had to put my father in an assisted living facility and my mother-in-law in a rehab/nursing home after she had a stroke in January. The stress has been incredible.

  9. i deserve to win this product as i am trying to become greener in ALL aspects of my life – and what better way that with washing dishes with apricots! YUM!!!
    thank for the the chance and good luck to all!

  10. I need something that is gentle on my hands because I get dry and cracked hands from cleaning up in the kitchen

  11. I need this, my relatives call me….Debbie does dishes.

  12. darnelle s Echols says:

    All natural I’m allergic to alot of products so I’m on the look out for natural products and this sounds like a good product. And when I find products that dont cause allergies to flair up thats what I stick to so I’m looking forward to winning this product. And I would also recommend it to others

  13. Christine A. says:

    I deserve to win this product for a few reasons. I have never tried it before and I love Earth Friendly products. The biggest reason is because I LOVE Apricots- they are my favorite fruit. Thanks.

  14. Joelle Walters says:

    I love this company and am trying to go green a little bit at a time

  15. I need a natural dishwashing liquid because it’s better for the environment and better for me.

  16. Delene Yochum says:

    Sent my Email :0

    I love to use products that are natural. The apricot is an added bonus!

  17. Libby Perrigan says:

    I would love to win the Apricot Dish mate because is environmentally safe , safe for your house and safe to use on babies dishes plus the entire family but is strong enough on tough grease stains to get the job done for your dirty dishes .

  18. As a real foodie mom of four I am forever cooking. That makes lots of dirty dishes! I use seventh generation or method when there is coupons to make the price comparable. I use Dawn the rest of the time. would love to try this product.

  19. Julie Evans- Zemke says:

    Love trying new products, love apricots and using green,safe products for my kids and family..

  20. it would help with my breathing while cleaning cant you regualar cleaning supplies with lung disease

  21. Dawn Stanzione says:

    I always use animal and earth friendly products. I love promoting products I like on facebook! I love trying new stuff!

  22. I want to try this product


  23. Amelia Jarvis says:

    I LOVE Earth Friendly products!!! LOVE Apricot!!! Delicious!!!!

  24. Kaity Schueller says:

    I’d love to win this because I have recently become aware of the harmful chemicals in most household cleaning products produced by big corporations. I’d love to make my home safer and move another step in the right direction of ridding my life of harmful products.

  25. I have sensitive skin and would love this to do dishes and wash my hand washables without irritation and harsh chemicals.

  26. I should win this EFP Apricot Liquid Dishwashing Soap
    because my hands are severely dry and cracked from constantly washing and cleaning. Lotion just isn’t doing the trick at helping to relieve them. I would love to try a product that is not only earth friendly, but also skin friendly. What’s there not to love. To me, it’s a win- win situation.

  27. Nick Belloni says:

    Love this company as they make the best natural, chemical free cleaning products.
    Hope to win 🙂

  28. Tatiana Jungclaussen says:

    I have never tried your products and this would be a GREAT opportunity!

  29. Looking for new answers and I love apricot!

  30. Sent email!

    I would be thrilled to win, as I am becoming more green by the day and enjoy trying new products!

  31. I truly believe that everything we eat & do affect us & the world & people around us. I suffer from many disabling issues & have been going more & more Natural everyday. I think people should be part of the solution … not the problem. I would love to win this product to continue staying true to me & all around me. TY Debbie

  32. I have had much stress in the last few months, including a continuing medical condition in the family. Moving away from chemicals is a good idea and I have taken steps to do that. I love apricots too – they take me back to the beloved apricot trees of my grandparents’ yard! A new, effective and safe product would be very welcome.


  33. Ashlyn Bishop says:

    I have 3 new roommates, and I want to use non-toxic chemicals throughout the house, but they don’t think it matters! They say that their normal toxic cleaning products are cheaper! If I won, it would be a free chance for them to learn about safe cleaning products and maybe change their minds! Help!

  34. Looking at trying a new product

  35. I am trying to help the environment in several different ways form recycling to re-purposing. I want to include this dish washing soap in my earth friendly routine.

  36. We use a lot of dishsoap. Using one that’s better for the environment would be awesome.

  37. Kathy Dobrzynski says:

    I live on a farm so I need to be watchful for my septic system 🙂 Would Love to try this.

  38. would love the opportunity to win this and share it with a friend! love EFP!! thanks!!

  39. would love to try. Just learning about being green and am horrified by all the chemicals I have been told were safe for all these years. Time for a change

  40. Stacey Holliday says:

    This product is right up my alley!!! I will always buy & use environmentally safe products like this one….good job. 😉

  41. I’m always open to trying new products that is friendly to use and won’t hurt the environment, people, or animals. It’s the way to go!

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