Strawberries and watermelon smoothie delight for kids

Strawberries and watermelon smoothie delight for kids

 Healthy smoothie recipes to your kids’ diet is key to their health.

Feeding them healthy foods like organic leafy greens, fruits, and protein rich foods will not only keep our kids healthy, but will also teach them healthy habits.

This delicious Strawberries and watermelon delight for kids recipe is full of delicious  and healthy ingredients such as watermelon and strawberries that your kids will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in this strawberries and watermelon smoothie delight for kids:


They are an excellent source of natural sugars and potassium.

They also help aid in digestion and promote healthy bones.


Kids love strawberries! They taste delightful, and are packed with potent antioxidants.


Kids just cannot turn down watermelon, and for good reason. Not only are they a delicious treat, they are also immune boosters and great for their eyes.

Process the following ingredients in a blender:

1 cup of strawberries

1/2 a cup of watermelon chunks

2 bananas

1 cup of filtered water

This makes about 3 servings. You can double the dosage to get more.

Make sure to use organic ingredients and filtered water in this recipe


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