Major frozen dinner recall hits all 50 states

Major frozen dinner recall hits all 50 states

Major frozen dinner recall hits all 50 states

Breaking news: a major frozen dinner recall hits all 50 states.

ConAgra Foods is recalling a wide range of P.F Chang brand frozen dinners, because there may be pieces of metal in the sauce of the meals.

The recall was first announced earlier this month, but has since grown to over more than 195,000 pounds of frozen dinners found in supermarkets across the country.

Some of the recalled products include Signature Spicy Chicken, Mongolian Style Beef, and Beef and Broccoli from P.F. Changs Home Menu. So far, no injuries have been reported. ConAgra did warn that that the metal fragments in the meals are “curled, malleable and shiny.”

On a sidenote, the employee found these metal pieces “while dispensing sugar from a supplier for sauce formulation,” according to the ConAgra press release. This makes us wonder, why are they putting sugar in the meals in the first place?

The recalled products have the establishment code “EST. 233” or “EST. P-115” inside the USDA mark of inspection. If you have any of these products, ConAgra asks to throw them away or return them to where you purchased them.

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