Hostess recalled 700,000 products

Hostess recalled 700,000 products

Hostess recalled 700,000 products

Hostess recalled 700,000 products, and Frito Lay has recalled many of their products as well. Some of the snack products made by theses companies may contain peanut residue, which can be extremely dangerous to those with peanut allergies.

Hostess is recalling 710,000 products of their sweet snack foods like Ding Dongs, Zingers, Chocodiles, and chocolate and powdered donuts.

The FDA has released a statement with the full list of recalled products on their website.

Hostess stated that the recall is voluntary and that it is “out of an abundance of caution” after the company’s supplier Grain Craft announced that certain batches of their flour were contaminated with peanut residue. The products recalled by Hostess were made by the Grain Craft flour, which has now been recalled as well.

Frito-Lay issued a recall for the same reason. The snack company recalled four types of Rold Gold pretzels, including Tiny Twists, Thins, Sticks and Honey Wheat Braided, which were made with the Grain Craft flour with peanut residue.

People who have peanut allergies can have serious, sometimes life-threatening reactions when being exposed to peanuts, depending on the severity of the allergy. However, Hostess notes that the amount of peanut residue in the products is fairly low and not considered dangerous to most peanut allergy sufferers.

There have been two reported allergic reactions related to the recalled products.

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