10 reasons to eat walnuts

10 reasons to eat walnuts

Walnuts are a true super food. They are packed with nutrition and provide benefits for overall health.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to eat walnuts.

1. Antioxidant rich:
Walnuts are very high in powerful antioxidants including quinone juglone, the tannin tellimagrandin, and the flavonol morin.

Antioxidants kill free radicals, which cause oxidative stress. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Oxidative stress is the total burden placed on organisms by the constant production of free radicals in the normal course of metabolism plus whatever other pressures the environment brings to bear (natural and artificial radiation, toxins in air, food and water; and miscellaneous sources of oxidizing activity, such as tobacco smoke).” The effects of oxidative stress are often linked to chronic illnesses such as heart disease and many types of cancers.

2. Brain health:
Walnuts are packed with brain protective compounds including folate, vitamin E, melatonin, and omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds act as antioxidants and protect the brain from aging, and may help fight brain related diseases and cognitive decline.

A study from the British Journal of Nutrition showed that eating walnuts helped increase inferential reasoning.

3. Heart health:
Walnuts have incredible heart health benefits. They have shown the ability to reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increase omega-3 fatty acids in the blood, which are potent heart healthy fats. They have also shown the ability to reduce unwanted clotting of the blood and reduce inflammation.

4. May fight breast cancer:
Omega-3 fatty acids are what give walnuts their potential breast cancer fighting properties. Omega-3’s found in walnuts inhibit an anti-inflammatory enzyme that advances breast cancer genes 1 and 2.

5. May fight cancer:
Walnuts are an excellent source of the phytonutrient quinone juglone, which fights and kills cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue intact. The antioxidant properties of walnuts lower the effects of oxidative stress, and the anti-inflammatory properties reduce chronic inflammation. Both oxidative stress and inflammation are considered major risk factors for cancer.

6. May prevent Alzheimer’s:

As we know Alzheimer’s can be a very scary condition.
A new animal study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease shows that a diet, rich in walnuts may reduce the risk, delay the onset, or possibly even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Metabolic syndrome benefits:
In the United States, approximately 1 in 4 adults may be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, also known as “MetS.”

Metabolic syndrome is not a disease, but more of a combination of conditions like excess fats in the blood, inadequate good cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure.

8. Prevent gallstones:
A 20-year Harvard study showed that women who ate at least 1 ounce of nuts per week had a 25% lower risk of developing gallstones.

Simply grabbing a handful of walnuts once a week can help reap these benefits.

9. Type 2 diabetes benefits:
Although type 2 diabetes is often thought about as a blood sugar regulation and insulin problem, there are other factors that can contribute to diabetes.

Walnuts have shown the ability to help the heart respond with more flexibility after meals. Blood vessels function better when walnuts are included in the diet of persons with type 2 diabetes.

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed that walnuts have the ability to balance fats in the blood, including LDL cholesterol and overall cholesterol.

10. Weight loss:
People often stay away from nuts because of fear that they may cause weight gain.

However, studies have shown that these fears do not have merit.

A study published in a journal called Obesity showed that those who ate nuts twice a week were 31% less likely to gain weight.

Note: None of the information in our website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. The content on our website is for educational purposes only.

Health benefits of walnuts.
Walnuts fight Alzheimer’s disease.

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