FDA nails Whole Foods for unsanitary factory conditions

FDA nails Whole Foods for unsanitary factory conditions

FDA nails Whole Foods for unsanitary factory conditions

Amongst an increase of food recalls in the industry, the FDA nails Whole Foods for unsanitary factory conditions. Do you rely on the ready-to-eat meals at Whole Foods for your lunch? It may be smart to avoid them for a while.

The FDA recently discovered unsanitary conditions at a Whole Foods plant in Massachusetts that is responsible for creating ready-to-eat meals. The meals are distributed throughout the east coast in the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Northern New Jersey.

According to a letter from the FDA, the conditions were shocking. The workers were preparing foods in areas where condensation was dripping from the ceiling, as well as from doorways, drainage pipes, and more. The letter also added that many employees did not take breaks to wash their hands, or to even change gloves in between handling different food items. The FDA inspectors also noticed a worker using a cleaning spray in a work area close to others who were still preparing food.

The FDA stated that the food items “were prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions whereby they may have been contaminated with filth or rendered injurious to health.”

Whole Foods defends itself

Whole Foods defended itself after news about the letter.

We were honestly surprised,” said Ken Meyer, executive vice president of operations for Whole Foods Market, in a statement. “We’ve been in close contact with the FDA, opened our doors to inspectors regularly since February and worked with them to address every issue brought to our attention.”

For more information on the details of the conditions, read the FDA’s letter.

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