Yoga poses for a smaller tummy

Yoga poses for a smaller tummy

Weight loss can be relaxing and healing too. We are giving you some of the best yoga poses for a smaller tummy.

We all want those great abs that come from a great diet and a good exercise routine. However, during the holidays, it may be harder than normal to eat right. While it is tempting to overindulge, remember to keep your dietary wits about you, and to keep your training routine going as well.

Along with exercise, yoga can provide weight loss benefits. Certain yoga poses can help make your muscles more flexible, which has shown to help with weight loss. The right poses can target your abdominal muscles better than crunches.

Let’s take a look at these amazing yoga poses for a smaller tummy.

Tree pose:

Warrior lunge with open twist:

Downward dog variation:

Camel pose:

Boat pose:

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