Can yoga heal an unhealthy heart?

Can yoga heal an unhealthy heart?

Can yoga heal an unhealthy heart? The answer is yes, according to a new study by a team of Portuguese researchers.

The new study, called “Effects of Yoga in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure: A Meta-Analysis,” shows that yoga has amazing benefits for those who have heart disease.

The study abstract provided the following methods and results:

“We searched MEDLINE, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Excerpta Medica database, LILACS, Physiotherapy Evidence Database, The Scientific Electronic Library Online, and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (from the earliest date available to December 2013) for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) examining the effects of yoga versus exercise and/or of yoga versus control on exercise capacity (peakVO2) and quality-of-life (HRQOL) in Chronic Heart Failure.”

“The results suggested that yoga compared with control had a positive impact on peak VO2 and HRQOL. Peak VO2, WMD (3.87 95% CI: 1.95 to 5.80), and global HRQOL standardized mean differences (-12.46 95% CI: -22.49 to -2.43) improved in the yoga group compared to the control group.”

The researchers concluded that yoga does have significant benefits for heart patients:

Yoga enhances peak VO2 and HRQOL in patients with CHF and could be considered for inclusion in cardiac rehabilitation programs.”

This is not the first study to show potential health benefits of yoga. In May of this year, a study from the University of California, Los Angeles was released showing that yoga and meditation may help reduce dementia risk.

The study was published in the journal SciFlo Brasil.

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