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Credit: © vergor / Fotolia

Study finds that 90 percent of American men have excess fat

Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. But now a new study finds that 90 percent of American men have excess fat.

Does your waist measure more than half of your height?

If it does, you may be part of the “overfat” epidemic that is spreading across the nation. New research from Frontiers In Public Health suggests that the overfat epidemic is more prevalent in developed countries where up to 90 percent of adult males and 50 percent of children suffer from it.

In the top overfat countries, 80 percent of women suffer from it.

The study authors outlined their key findings in the study abstract:

• On average, the prevalence of overfat adults and children in developed countries is extremely high, and substantially greater than that of overweight and obese individuals.

• In the US, New Zealand, Greece, and Iceland, prevalence of the overfat condition is at an alarmingly high rate of over 90% in adult males and up to 50% in children.

• Despite a leveling off appearance of the overweight and/or obese condition in some developed countries, the overfat pandemic continues to grow.

• In tandem with an increased average waist circumference, a recent rise in the incidence of abdominal adiposity, the unhealthiest form of excess body fat, has been observed in both adults and children.

The researchers concluded:

The estimate of overfat in the world’s 30 top developed nations is substantially higher than the prevalence of overweight and obese adults and children worldwide and stresses the seriousness of the overfat pandemic. Regardless of BMI values, overfat individuals have excess body fat, a high degree of cardiometabolic dysregulation that can promote disease risk factors and chronic disease, increased morbidity and mortality, reduced quality of life, and pose a rising economic burden. As an unfulfilled public health action, it is crucial to clinically identify individuals who are overfat in order to implement successful treatment and prevention strategies.”

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