Potent anti-cancer spinach and sprout salad

Potent anti-cancer spinach and sprout salad

This potent anti-cancer spinach and sprout salad is packed with powerful foods that target cancer at the source.

There are few meals healthier than a salad. The problem is, store-bought or restaurant salads can be packed with unnecessary calories and are drenched with dressing.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in this potent anti-cancer spinach and sprout salad:

There is mounting evidence that avocados are potent cancer fighters. They help the body against free radical damage. Avocados are high in oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid found in many plant sources and animal products. It is an omega-9 fatty acid, and is considered one of the healthier sources of fat.

Broccoli sprouts:
Sprouts are extremely potent because they are still young, and are a rich source of essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin, A, C, B vitamins, and vitamin K. They are also a good source of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Spinach ranks among the highest in flavonoids and phytonutrients, which are compounds that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Foods with anti-inflammatory properties are highly regarded because of their ability to reduce pain associated with inflammation, and their potential to help prevent serious diseases including many types of cancers.


Toss the following ingredients in a bowl:

8 cups of spinach
2 avocados, sliced
3 handfuls of broccoli sprouts
2 bell peppers, thinly sliced

Try our zesty raw salad dressing recipe or our anti-inflammatory turmeric dressing

Make sure ingredients are organic
Enjoy this potent anti-cancer spinach and sprout salad!

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