Pepsi is putting aspartame back into diet beverages

Pepsi is putting aspartame back into diet beverages

Pepsi is putting aspartame back into diet beverages, just 10 months after they announced they would get rid of it due to safety concerns.

Pepsi will bring back aspartame with the launch of their new product Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend.

The new aspartame filled beverages will hit the stores in September.

Health experts have long been suspicious of the health effects of Splenda, believing that it may cause obesity and other serious problems.

In March, a study was released in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health showing that aspartame is linked to leukemia.  

For those consumers who love Diet Pepsi with aspartame, we have been exploring ways to make it available,” the company said in a statement.

Pepsi is putting aspartame back into diet beverages due to demand of consumers, despite the mounting evidence of the health risks.

Consumers want choice in diet colas, so we’re refreshing our U.S. lineup to provide three options that meet differing needs and taste preferences,” Pepsi said in a statement.

PepsiCo’s revised diet cola strategy is intended to serve older consumers who are used to the previous formula, younger consumers who want to avoid aspartame, and still others who don’t care but want bolder diet colas with more functional attributes,” Beverage Digest editor Duane Stanford wrote.

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Splenda is now linked to leukemia.
69 food companies owned by Monsanto.
U.S. soda consumption lowest in 30 years.

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