69 food companies owned by Monsanto

69 food companies owned by Monsanto

Monsanto is an agriculture company that is well known for creating pesticides such as Roundup. These pesticides are bad for the environment and believed to be bad for health as well.

As written in Scitable, a publication from Nature Education:

After countless studies, pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD, and even birth defects. Pesticides also have the potential to harm the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the endocrine system. Pesticides can even be very harmful to fetuses because the chemicals can pass from the mother during pregnancy or if a woman nurses her child. Although one piece of fruit with pesticides won’t kill you, if they build up in your body, they can be potentially detrimental to your health and should be avoided as much as possible.

Monsanto has been the target of many lawsuits lately, and was recently on trial for crimes against humanity and for contaminating a river in Seattle.

Let’s take at a list of food companies owned by Monsanto.

  1. Aunt Jemima
  2. Aurora Foods
  3. Banquet
  4. Best foods
  5. Betty Crocker
  6. Bisquick
  7. Cadbury
  8. Campbells
  9. Capri Sun
  10. Carnation
  11. Chef Boyardee
  12. Coca Cola
  13. ConAgra
  14. Delicious Brand Cookies
  15. Duncan Hines
  16. Famous Amos
  17. Frito Lay
  18. General Mills
  19. Green Giant
  20. Healthy Choice
  21. Heinz
  22. Hellmans
  23. Hershey’s Nestle
  24. Holsum
  25. Hormel
  26. Hungry Jack
  27. Hunts
  28. Interstate Bakeries
  29. Jiffy
  30. KC Masterpiece
  31. Keebler/Flowers Industries
  32. Kellogs
  33. Kid Cuisine
  34. Knorr
  35. Kool-Aid
  36. Kraft/Phillip Morris
  37. Lean Cuisine
  38. Lipton
  39. Loma Linda
  40. Marie Callenders
  41. Minute Made
  42. Morningstar
  43. MS. Butterworths
  44. Nabisco
  45. Nature Valley
  46. Ocean Spray
  47. Ore-Ida
  48. Orville Redenbacher
  49. Pasta-Roni
  50. Pepperidge Farms
  51. Pepsi
  52. Pillsbury
  53. Pop Secret
  54. Post Cereals
  55. Power Bar Brand
  56. Prego Pasta Sauce
  57. Pringles
  58. Procter and Gamble
  59. Quaker
  60. Ragu Sauce
  61. Rice A Roni
  62. Smart Ones
  63. Stouffers
  64. Sweppes
  65. Tombstone Pizza
  66. Totinos
  67. Uncle Ben’s
  68. Unilever
  69. V8

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Monsanto will face trial for crimes against humanity.
WHO labels Monsanto’s glyphosate as possible carcinogen.
Seattle sues Monsanto for contamination of river.

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