Homemade do it yourself ice pack

Homemade do it yourself ice pack

Ice is essential for muscle injuries. “If you have a swollen and inflamed joint or muscle, you should first try and reduce blood flow to the area which will reduce the swelling and slow down the pain messages being transmitted to the brain,” states Medical News Today.

Filling a plastic bag with ice simply isn’t enough. It is rough and bumpy, and doesn’t distribute the cold relief evenly.

This homemade do it yourself ice pack is very simple.

When cold, it will form a gel and will not be rough on your skin and muscles.

This ice pack is great for kids and adults.

Mix the following ingredients in a BPA-free plastic bag:

We use Natural Value bags as they are biodegradable. These bags are PVC and Plasticizer Free.

1 part rubbing alcohol

3 parts water

Freeze at least 6 hours it so it gets cold and turns into a gel.

We suggest you make many of different sizes so they are handy.

You never know when you will need them.

They never harden, yet keep cool for 2 hours.

As a general rule as recommended by our Medical Advisor:  It is important to rest the injured area. Remember “mechanical” movement for muscle, ligaments and tendons create friction that will make the healing process take longer, while inactivity and rest will allow for faster healing.

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