Health dangers of sitting too much

Health dangers of sitting too much

Sitting makes up a big part of most peoples’ days.

Research shows that the average American spends 9-10 hours a day sitting down.

Let’s look at the health dangers of sitting too much.

This behavior can be more problematic than you might think, as the human body was designed to be in more or less constant movement throughout the day,” states Dr. Joseph Mercola, a leading physician and health expert.

Evidence shows that sitting for long periods of time can promote chronic diseases, even if the person is in good shape. Regular fitness routines do not reverse the effects of prolonged sitting.

Sitting really is the new smoking and it increases your rate of lung cancer by over 50 percent,” Mercola explains. “Who would have known that sitting is far more dangerous than second hand smoke?”

The most recent study showing the health dangers of sitting too much was published in the Annals of Internal medicine.

This review analyzed 47 studies of sedentary lifestyles, and they found that prolonged sitting brings up serious health risks that cannot be counteracted by exercise.

Sitting was found to increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. For perspective, sitting for 8 hours a day was linked to a 90 percent risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

More research published in BMJ showed that those who sit more had a 112 percent increase in risk of type-2 diabetes, and 147 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Increase of general death risk was also increased by 50 percent. “In fact, chronic sitting has a mortality rate similar to smoking, explains Mercola. “And, the less you exercise, the more pronounced the detrimental effects of sitting.”

The study authors suggest the following to counteract the effects of sitting:

Keep track of how long you sit per day, and make small goals every week to decrease sitting
Try using a standing desk at work instead of sitting
Walk around during commercial breaks when watching TV

Please watch this video from AsapSCIENCE for more information of the health dangers of sitting too much:

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