Easy daily foot and leg workouts

Easy daily foot and leg workouts

  • On a daily basis, our feet are forced into shoes, treaded on hard surfaces, and crammed into heels.
  • By not being careful, one may develop conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and Achilles tendonitis, just to name a few.
  • The good news is that there are easy ways to prevent such conditions from happening.
  •  “Simple stretching is key to relieving tightness and in helping to stimulate blood flow in the lower extremities”, explains Rebecca Pruthi, doctor of podiatric medicine.
  • Wether at home or work, these simple exercises and stretches can keep our legs and feet happy.
  • As seen on Dr Oz, here are some tips as recommended by Dr. Rebecca Pruthi.
  • Bottle or ball roll:
  • Take off your shoes and roll your feet on a cold or frozen water bottle, a tennis ball, or a golf ball. Roll for at least 10 minutes per foot.
  • Leg raises:
  • Sit down in a chair or sofa with your back straight at a 90-degree angle. While seated, raise feet and leg parallel to the floor. Flex and point toes, and repeat.
  • Pencil lifts:
  • Place a few unsharpened pencils, pens, or other small objects on the floor. Take off your shoes, pick up each object, and drop them into another pile. This exercise will help strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.
  • Ankle stretches:
  • Imagine that you are writing each letter of the alphabet from A-Z with your foot. By the time you finish the alphabet, you will have stretched out and exercised most of the tendons and ligaments in your feet and legs. Repeat this exercise with lowercase letters as well.
  • Step stretch:
  • Take off your shoes, and place the ball of your foot onto a step or platform, and lower your heels below the level of the step. This exercise stretches the bottom of the feet and arches, and also the posterior leg muscle group. Make sure you have something to hold onto, keeping you steady and balanced.
  • In addition to stretching and strengthening, don’t forget to walk,”  Dr. Pruthi also states.
  • Sometimes we get too busy at work and stay glued in an office  chair for a long period of time. Switching to walking shoes and taking a brisk walk after lunch will help stretch out our legs.
  •  “It may take a few more minutes a day, but remember walking increases circulation. Incorporating simple daily exercises will not only help with foot pain, but may also help in preventing future injury, ” ends Dr. Pruthi.
  • As always: None of the information in our website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. The content on our website is for educational purposes only. Please consult your health practitioner or a qualified expert if you suspect a problem.
  • Can exercise add years to your life?
  • For the health benefits of walking.
  • Exercise can be a memory saver.
  • Note: None of the information in our website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. The content on our website is for educational purposes only.
  • 1. Pruthi, Rebecca, DPM. “A Foot and Leg Workout for Home or Work.” The Oz Blog. Dr. Oz, 05 Sept. 2013. Web. 10 Sept. 2013.




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