Eating eggs with vegetables increases nutrient absorption

Eating eggs with vegetables increases nutrient absorption

New research from Purdue University shows that eating eggs with vegetables increases nutrient absorption. Since the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines lessened the notion of cholesterol being harmful, this news about eggs could not have come at a better time.

Americans under consume vegetables, and here we have a way to increase the nutritive value of veggies while also receiving the nutritional benefits of egg yolks,” said Wayne Campbell, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition Science at the Purdue University.

Campbell, along with colleague Jung Eun Kim, Ph.D., R.D., performed a study the effects of egg consumption on the absorption of carotenoids from a vegetable salad. The participants were 16 healthy young men, who ate three different versions of the salad: one without an egg, one with 1 1/2 scrambled eggs, and the third with three scrambled eggs.

Those who ate the salad with three eggs had 3-9 times the amount of carotenoid absorption.

This is a very significant effect,” said Campbell. Some of the carotenoids found in the salad include beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Next time you visit a salad bar, consider adding the cooked egg to your raw veggies,” said Campbell. “Not only are lutein and zeaxanthin available through whole eggs, but now the value of the vegetables is enhanced.”

This research showing that eating eggs with vegetables increases nutrient absorption will be presented at the American Society for Nutrition’s Annual Meeting during Experimental Biology 2015.      

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