Babies given antibiotics have higher eczema risk

Babies given antibiotics have higher eczema risk

Babies given antibiotics have higher eczema risk, according to the latest research from the European Lung Foundation.

In this day and age, antibiotics are given out by doctors like candy to children and adults alike. While these medications may be mandatory for certain conditions, they may also be unnecessary for others.

Because of the higher rates of prescribed antibiotics, many are experiencing what is called antibiotics resistance. This condition happens when bugs become used to antibiotic drugs, creating super bugs and viruses that are resistant to drugs.

Antibiotics can also destroy beneficial gut bacteria, which is a major part of the immune system. As written in a University of California piece, most of the beneficial bacteria in our body is “housed primarily in our gut, where roughly 70 percent of the components of our immune system reside.”

Recent research has shown that antibiotics given early in life can lead to allergies later on.

The new study examined 22 studies, which included a total of 394,517 patients. The researchers studied the risk of eczema and allergies. They found that the risk of eczema due to antibiotics varied anywhere form 15% to 41%, depending on the type of study analyzed.

The association was even stronger if the patients had been treated with 2 courses of antibiotics for both eczema and hay fever.

Dr Ahmadizar concludes: “Early life exposure to antibiotics is related to an increased risk of both eczema and hay fever later in life.”

A study we reported on back in August showed that antibiotics are detrimental to breast-feeding benefits. This new study adds to the mounting evidence that antibiotics should be avoided in infants unless absolutely necessary.

If you are dealing with eczema, try our carrot and spinach eczema juice recipe, which will help reduce inflammation and itching naturally.

The study showing that babies given antibiotics have higher eczema risk was presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress in London, UK.

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Antibiotics are detrimental to breast-feeding benefits.

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