6 reasons children get headaches and how to help them

6 reasons children get headaches and how to help them

  • Healthy living is all about the hair and skin care you use, the natural solutions to take care of your home and garden, and last but not least, the steps you take to keep your children healthy and happy.
  • As the school year quickly approaches, parents will start to hear complaints from their kids about headaches.
  • According to Nick DeBlasio, MD, a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Pediatric Primary Care Clinic, about 10% of children in school and up to 27% of teens suffer from headaches every once in a while.
  • There are many causes for headaches. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has narrowed the list down to the six most common causes of headaches in children
  • Dehydration:
  • A lack of drinking water and other healthy fluids is a huge cause for headaches. This cause is even more prevalent during the summer when the weather is warmer and kids lose fluids through sweat.
  • Tip: Make sure you child is properly hydrated by giving them a BPA-free water bottle with filtered water to carry around at all times.
  • Family history:
  • Genetics are sometimes responsible for headaches. If you get headaches often, then it is likely that your child may experience them as well.
  • Tip: See your health practitioner or qualified expert to find out what steps you can take.
  • Poor diet:
  • Skipping breakfast is very common in kids who go to school. This can trigger a headache. It’s also key to make sure they have a balanced diet.
  • Tip: Limit caffeine, junk food, and sugary foods. Feed them healthy living foods like fruits and vegetables instead.
  • Sleep:
  • With all the distractions nowadays with television, internet, and technology, there is a good chance your child may be sleep deprived. Not getting enough sleep can cause a headache.
  • Tip: Kids in school need around 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Make sure they don’t watch television right before bedtime, as it can cause bad sleep.
  • Stress:
  • We all have stress from time to time, kids and adults. If your kid is overloaded with pressure from school or experiencing a major event in their life, it can cause a headache.
  • Tip: Make sure your children have scheduled time to relax and do activities that they love.
  • Vision problems:
  • If your child is having a tough time seeing what is going on in the front of the classroom, they are straining their eyes, which may cause a headache.
  • Tip: A vision test can give you an idea of what steps to take.
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