Healthy homemade blueberry, strawberry and kiwi popsicles for kids

Healthy homemade blueberry, strawberry and kiwi popsicles for kids

  • Including organic foods in our kids’ diet is very important.
  • They only know what we tell them and what we teach them.
  • How about giving them healthy and organic food options?
    Our kids must eat healthy foods too.
  • With the warmer weather coming up, they will start asking for cold treats.
  • The problem and concern with store-bought popsicles and ice cream is the fact that they are filled with sugar, artificial flavors and dyes.
  • Take a healthy step, and teach your children how to get involved in the kitchen. Not only will they have fun, take pride in the food they created, but they will love eating what they made.  A real win-win.
  • This organic popsicle recipe is very easy to make.
  • Let’s take a look at the organic foods in this popsicle recipe.
  • Blueberries:
  • This organic super food has shown powerful anti-cancer and heart health benefits. They are packed with antioxidants, help regulate blood sugar, and promote brain health as well.
  • Kiwis:
  • They are great immune boosters and are potent energy boosters as well, providing long lasting energy.
  • Strawberries:
  • Studies show that colorful berries like strawberries promote heart health.
  • Directions:
  • Fill BPA-free popsicle molds with organic lemonade
  • Add sliced blueberries, kiwis, and strawberries
  • Cover with more organic lemonade
  • Place in the freezer until the lemonade freezes
  • Make sure to use organic foods in this recipe
  • Enjoy!
  •  As always: Check with your pediatrician before you change your children’s diet and see if this is right for them. 
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