Flu hospitalizations and deaths are increasing

Flu hospitalizations and deaths are increasing

Flu hospitalizations and deaths are increasing, according to a report from federal health officials that was released last Friday.

This year’s flu season has been average so far, however more hospitalizations and deaths are now being reported and are increasing.

Also, it will still be a few weeks before the flu season really peaks, said Lynnette Brammer, an epidemiologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We are starting to see cases of severe disease and we are seeing excess deaths, most likely due to influenza,” she said.

Even though hospitalizations and deaths are increasing, Brammer doesn’t consider this flu season as severe. “It’s looking like an average influenza season,” she noted.

The CDC does not keep track of the number of adults who die from the flu, but it does track children’s deaths.

Three more children died this week, bringing the total to eight so far, which compared with other flu seasons is pretty low,” Brammer said.

Last year, according to the CDC, 128 children died from flu-related complications.

The most common flu strain this season is H3N2, which is usually associated with a severe season that affects the oldest and the youngest the hardest, Brammer said.

On a positive note, this year isn’t as severe as most H3 years.

H1N1 and B viruses are also circulating, Brammer said. “We probably haven’t seen H3N2 peak yet, and then it’s possible we will see a wave of H1N1 and influenza B before the season is over,” she added.

It is important to eat extra healthy during the flu season and to avoid sugars and processed foods, which can affect the immune system.

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