Cilantro and spinach detox and weight loss smoothie

Cilantro and spinach detox and weight loss smoothie

  • This detox and weight loss smoothie will flush out toxins.
  • We are exposed to a lot of toxins daily, so it is important that we take care of our body by detoxing with natural foods.
  • Try to make this 2 to 4 times a week for breakfast or lunch and create a low fat, plant-based diet plan around it and exercise.
  • You should be able to shed the pounds away.
  • At a glance what is in this detox and weight loss smoothie:
  • The greens are power-packed with Antioxidants and will help boost your immune system.
  • The high fiber content of this smoothie will help with bowel movement. You will also feel full fast and will eat less! (Constipation accumulates toxins and you feel bloated).
  • Spinach is a low calorie food and has chlorophyll which aids in cleansing the colon.
  • Cilantro will help you cleanse and detox and stimulate digestive assimilation.
  • It is known for liver detox.
  • One-fourth cup of cilantro has only one calorie.
  • Celery is a champion among vegetables.
  • It is highly recommended in most detox diet plans as a cleanser.
  • It has cleansing properties that help aid digestion, regulate body fluid by acting as a diuretic and curb sweet cravings.
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