Homemade liver cleanse

Homemade liver cleanse

Eating organic foods and drinking healthy drinks is key to flushing out toxins and optimal health.

Our body is an extraordinary piece of machinery.

Do you know that it has its own detox system?

At a glance:

The Liver: Your first line of defense against toxins is your liver. It is like a filter and  prevents toxic substances contained in foods from passing in our blood stream.

The Colon: It is filled with good and bad bacteria. You want to keep your colon in healthy condition and running smoothly to flush out toxic chemicals.

The Kidneys: Like clockwork, the kidneys are constantly filtering our blood and getting rid of toxins in the form of urine.

This homemade liver cleanse will aid in flushing away toxins from your liver while alkalizing your body.
Acidic foods such as lemons are acidic in their basic state, BUT once metabolized by the body have an alkalizing effect. The lemon will cleanse and detoxify the liver.

Homemade liver cleanse recipe:


1 lemon peeled

1 organic cucumber

a couple of organic celery sticks

a few leaves of organic kale

a handful of organic parsley

a dropper of Milk Thistle

1/2 cup filtered water

Drink once day for one week

Note: Add the cucumbers and celery last to retain maximum fiber content from the blender.

Make sure to use organic foods and filtered water in this recipe

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