Snake repellents

Snake repellents

  • Snakes are beautifully frightening, yet they are gentle creatures. Trying natural repellents is the way to go.
  • What to do:
  • Snakes do not like cinnamon and garlic
  • 1. Cinnamon sticks:
  • Place cinnamon sticks strategically on window seals and near doors.
  • 2. Garlic cloves:
  • Place peeled garlic cloves strategically on window seals and near doors.
  • 3. Clove oil spray:
  • Mix 50 drops of cinnamon or clove essential oil with 3 cups of water.
  • Pour in a sprayer.
  • Spray around the foundation of you home home.
  • 4. Pure clove and cinnamon essential oil combination:
  • Mix 1oz clove oil and 1oz cinnamon oil in a spray bottle, and spray walkways around your yard and home,
  • Spray in garages and around foundation of the home to keep snakes away. The strong smell of clove and cinnamon oil deters snakes.
    Note: You can spray pure clove oil on a snake to make it vacate the area. Be very careful when trying to do this.
  • Fix holes and cracks.
  • Keep your yard clean.
  • Trim tall grass. Remove dead leaves, move woodpiles and dry branches.
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