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Antibiotic use may increase the risk of miscarriage

Antibiotic use may increase the risk of miscarriage, according to the latest research from University of Montreal in Canada.

The researchers have found an association between the use of macrolides, quinolones, tetracyclines, and other common antibiotics during early pregnancy and miscarriage.

The American Pregnancy Association explains more about miscarriages:

Miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Studies reveal that anywhere from 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage.

Study co-author Dr. Anick Bérard, of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal, notes that antibiotics are often used during pregnancy to treat infections, but studies are conflicting on the efficacy of them.

Dr. Bérard and the team’s goal was to clear up the conflicting research of previous studies on the subject: “We aimed to quantify the association between exposure to antibiotics during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion, taking into account methodologic limitations of previous studies,” they explain.

The researchers used data from the 1998-2009 Quebec Pregnancy Cohort, which included 8,702 women who suffered a miscarriage at 14 weeks.

Using the data, the researchers found that the use of antibiotics during pregnancy increased the risk of miscarriage by up to double.

The use of macrolides (except erythromycin) in early pregnancy increased the risk of miscarriage, along with quinolones, tetracyclines, sulfonamides, and metronidazole.

The study authors conclude: “Our findings may be of use to policy-makers to update guidelines for the treatment of infections during pregnancy.”

The study showing that antibiotic use may increase the risk of miscarriage was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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