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5 healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety during the holidays

Our favorite 5 healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety during the holidays so you can get through the season and thrive into the New Year.

The pandemic is adding stress to our holiday season. Most of us will not entertain and will practice physical distancing. But there is still some Xmas shopping to be done, we encourage  online shopping for less stress and for virus safety.

There are many things that can cause stress and anxiety, including trying to get the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list or and cooking your family with the best meal and create memories.

It is important to take some ‘me time’ during this season to keep yourself healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let’s take a closer look at these 5 healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety during the holidays.

Make sleep a priority:

While you may not party this year, it can be tempting to stay up late and have fun watching Xmas movies and shows on Netflix, and there’s nothing wrong with doing so, but make sure you get good sleep as well. 7 hours minimum are a must.

Eat healthy foods like almond butter about 2 Tbsp before bedtime, make a banana cinnamon tea, and more to help supercharge your sleep.

Let go of perfection:

Perfection can be a great motivator to help you excel at what you do, but when it comes to the holidays, it is more important to enjoy and reflect. Things are not going to be exactly as you want them to be, so do not obsess over trying to control every detail. Learn how to let go and lower your expectations a little bit.

Don’t neglect exercise:

Let’s be honest — the holidays can make you lazy when it comes to exercise. But when you fight through the laziness and go for your morning run, hit your punching bag, or do some hot yoga, you will be happy you did. Exercise works wonders for stress and anxiety and it has been proven by medical research.

Be grateful : 

Adopt a grateful attitude and write a list of 5 things you are thankful for each day.

Research shows that concentrating on what makes you happy can improve your mental and physical health.

Load up on your vitamins:

This holiday season, focus on your health and don’t forget to take your liposomal C, vitamin D, Zinc to boost your immune system.

Eat free as much as you can and skip the processed foods and sodas.

Stay safe and healthy!

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