As seen on Dr Oz almond butter to super charge your sleep

As seen on Dr Oz almond butter to super charge your sleep

As seen on Dr Oz almond butter to super charge your sleep.

Take a healthy step at bedtime.

The Buzz is out and Almond Butter should become an essential part of our diet.

Dr. Oz showed the nation how we can achieve great results by Super charging our body.

One of the tips shared included taking Almond butter at bedtime to Super charge our sleep.

Butter before bedtime rule – two tablespoons of almond butter before bedtime stabilizes your blood sugar which can make you tired if it’s too low.

With the news in mind, we paid a visit to Jesse Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Living Tree Community Foods, whose company’s flagship is the Almond Butter.

Almonds are loaded with healing properties. They contain Vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant to overall well-being. According to the latest research, Vitamin E also reduces the risk of lung cancer. I am not surprised with the tip recommended on Dr Oz’s show. It is a valid one. To get the full benefits, make sure you buy an Almond Butter that is Raw and Alive, like the one we make. We use Organic almonds grown by California Family Farmers,” he shares.

For more on Living Tree Community Foods.

Living Tree Community Foods Almond Butter

Living Tree Community Foods Organic Almond Butter




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