Red cabbage microgreens lower bad cholesterol

Red cabbage microgreens lower bad cholesterol

Red cabbage microgreens lower bad cholesterol, according to the latest research from the American Chemical Society.

Microgreens have become trendy in many high-end eateries because of their unique appearance and intense, concentrated flavors.

The latest research showed that mice that were fed a high-fat diet showed significantly lower risk for developing cardiovascular disease and weight gain.

Have you heard of microgreens? If not, here is some more information.

Microgreens are tender, immature plants that are not fully-grown and only take a 1-2 weeks before they are ready to harvest.

Research is mounting suggesting that microgreens may actually provide more potent health benefits then their fully-grown relatives.

Previous studies have already linked fully-grown red cabbage to lower cholesterol, so it was only natural for Thomas T.Y. Wang and colleagues to see if the microgreens had similar or even more powerful effects.

To test this theory, the researchers used mice that were a model for obesity. These mice also tend to develop high cholesterol and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

The researchers divided the mice into different groups based on diet.

The groups received either food low or high in fat, and with or without red cabbage microgreens or fully-grown red cabbage.

Both the microgreens and mature cabbage diets reduced weight gain and lowered liver cholesterol on the mice that were fed high-fat diets.

The study even showed that microgreens may contain more cholesterol-lowering compounds.

The study showing that red cabbage microgreens lower bad cholesterol was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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