Purity and potency combined: Shea Terra Organics

Purity and potency combined: Shea Terra Organics

Take a green step and check Shea Terra Organics.  The purity and potency of the products are worth giving them a try.

Shea Terra Organics is all about ancient beauty secrets and African remedies for your skin. It has actually began as the African Shea Butter Company, where CEO and Founder Tammie Umbel had the vision of making pure shea butter affordable for all.

Shea Terra Organics is eco-friendly and eco-responsible, offering pure and affordable beauty products.
They source natural, unique ingredients found and harvested only in the wild. Working closely with African cooperatives and conservation groups, Shea Terra Organics helps provide an economic sustainability for many hardworking families.

Some of our favorites:

Rose Hips Black Soap

Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil: An ancient healing oil known for its healing properties and great for the skin and hair. ($24)

Rose Hips Black Soap: It works like microdermabrasion and gets rid of dead cells. ($18)

I also love the Madagascar White Clay ($24). The potent Clay detoxifies the skin gently.

For more on Shea Terra Organics.


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