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Credit: © tamayura39 / Fotolia

This powerful vitamin may protect against cancer

This powerful vitamin may protect against cancer, according to the Center for Public Health Sciences of the National Cancer Center in Japan: vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many conditions, including heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and so much more.

Add to this list cancers, including cancers of the: breast, colon, ovaries, prostate, esophagus, lymphatic, and melanoma.

Two years ago, a study from the Institute Of Medicine found that vitamin D cuts cancer risk by up to 67 percent in some patients. In a study that lasted just over a year involving over 400,000 adults, those who had the least vitamin D had an 88 percent increase in the risk of death from any cause.

Now a new study from Japan has uncovered similar results.

Given that vitamin D concentrations and metabolism vary substantially by race/ethnicity,” note the researchers, “whether similar associations would also be observed in non-Caucasian populations remains to be clarified.”

With this in mind, the Japanese researchers seeked to determine how vitamin D affects cancer risk.

The participants in the study with higher levels of vitamin D had a 20 percent lower risk of cancer, when compared to those with lower vitamin D levels.

The study authors concluded:

In this large prospective study, higher vitamin D concentration was associated with lower risk of total cancer. These findings support the hypothesis that vitamin D has protective effects against cancers at many sites.

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Vitamin D cuts cancer risk by up to 67 percent.
Vitamin D may help prevent atherosclerosis and diabetes.

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