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Why you should not do shots of apple cider vinegar

ACV is extremely versatile, but you must take it properly. We’re going to show you why you should not do shots of apple cider vinegar.

There are so many reasons to use apple cider vinegar. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the immune system, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, and so much more.

Apple cider vinegar, known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid.

ACV has long been used as for its medicinal properties dating back to 400 B.C., when Hippocrates used it to treat his patients.

This all sounds great, right? But before you break out the shot glasses, realize that it is very important how you take this extremely healthful tonic.

While taking shots of straight ACV has become a popular method, it can actually cause damage. ACV is acidic, which means that over time it can damage tooth enamel and the digestive tract as well.

We recommend diluting one tablespoon of ACV into a cup of water instead. A touch of honey to help the medicine go down is also more than acceptable.

So when should you be taking your ACV?

Carol S. Johnston, PhD, the director of Arizona State University’s nutrition program has spent over a decade studying apple cider vinegar.

Johnston recommends drinking it once or twice a day, and always before you eat, so it is in your system before any food needs to be digested.

This helps aid in digestion.

Another very recent study from Arizona State University found that when participants took ACV at night with a snack, their blood sugar was significantly lower.

The study authors concluded:

These data suggest that vinegar ingestion at bedtime may favorably impact waking glucose concentrations in type 2 diabetes… Vinegar is widely available, it is affordable, and it is appealing as a remedy, but much more work is required to determine whether vinegar is a useful adjunct therapy for individuals with diabetes. Investigations are needed to study the mechanisms by which vinegar alters postprandial glycemia and fasting glucose and to examine the efficacy of vinegar ingestion in individuals with inadequately controlled diabetes.

So taking it at night before bed is a great option as well.

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Why should you drink apple cider vinegar at night?
10 reasons to use apple cider vinegar.

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