Vitamin D may combat daytime fatigue

Vitamin D may combat daytime fatigue

Sleep deprivation is becoming an epidemic in the United States and across the world. With the “sleep is overrated” culture, working into the late hours of the night is becoming a more common practice. Sleep deprivation affects the quality of your day and leads to fatigue. It can also cause serious health problems like heart disease, depression and obesity.

Lack of sleep usually leads to drowsiness and fatigue in the daytime. Studies are showing that vitamin D may help reduce fatigue. The study was done at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center where they determined that out of 81 people diagnosed with a sleep disorder, most of the ones who had daytime sleepiness also had a vitamin D deficiency.

It seems that alertness during the daytime is just another of the many reasons to ensure you have enough vitamin D in your diet and body.

  • To get your daily dose of vitamin D it is recommended  to do the following:
  • Eat Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
  • Take Vitamin D supplements
  • Get daily exposure to sun (about 1o minutes). Do not forget wearing a sunscreen.
  • Note: Make sure you get your vitamin D supplements from a reputable source.

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