Tyson to remove antibiotics from chicken

Tyson to remove antibiotics from chicken

The overuse of antibiotics is becoming an epidemic in the United States, as they are prescribed for almost everything. The issue with over consuming antibiotics is that they kill good bacteria in the gut, making it more difficult to fight infections in the future. When antibiotics are used on animals, they can make it into food and contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Recently, a statement was released showing the intentions of Tyson to remove antibiotics from chicken.

Tyson Foods is the biggest poultry producer of all. Tyson CEO Donnie Smith says that by 2017, all use of antibiotics that are also used for humans.

Antibiotic resistant infections are a global health concern,” said Donnie Smith, president and CEO of Tyson Foods. “We’re confident our meat and poultry products are safe**, but want to do our part to responsibly reduce human antibiotics on the farm so these medicines can continue working when they’re needed to treat illness.”

Given the progress we’ve already made reducing antibiotics in our broilers, we believe it’s realistic to shoot for zero by the end of our 2017 fiscal year. But we won’t jeopardize animal well-being just to get there. We’ll use the best available treatments to keep our chickens healthy, under veterinary supervision,” Smith said.

Tyson Foods is also forming groups with working farmers, and other people in the company’s beef, pork, and turkey supply chains to find ways to reduce antibiotic use in animals.

The statement showing Tyson to remove antibiotics from chicken is found on Tyson’s website.

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