10 tips for a healthier holiday season

10 tips for a healthier holiday season

Here are some  tips for a healthier holiday season:
Try these tips for healthier holiday season to make this time of the year less stressful so you can enjoy the spirit of the season.
We hope this can help refresh your outlook on life as well.

  • 1. Create boundaries as it pertains to activities: You can’t attend all the holiday parties and go everywhere. Be selective.
  • 2. Stick to a spending holiday budget: Example: “will not spend more than $$ per gift”.
  • 3. Be grateful: Adopt a grateful attitude and write on a piece of paper the things you are the most grateful for and read it everyday. Research shows by concentrating on what makes you happy, can improve your mental and physical health.
  • 4. Be organized and prepared: How many times have you said “I wish I had done this before“… Establish a “to do list” so you can just get it done.
  • 5. Simplify: Be realistic, there is so much you can do!
  • Let go of some things, and be okay with everything just the way it is. Don’t be a perfectionist. Embrace life, your friends and smile. You will realize and feel lucky for all you have and where you are in your life right now.
  • 6. Set healthy goals for where you want to be in the New Year: Such as “lead a healthier life, exercise, be more eco-friendly”, get rid of toxic products in home”….
  • 7. Bring the outdoors in: Your guests will not see if the windows were not cleaned. yet the will appreciate the welcoming feeling of your beautifully decorated home. use fresh garlands and pine cones if you can.
  • 8. Dont neglect your sleep: An adequate amount of sleep will help boost your immune system. Aim at 7 hours.
  • 9. Drink more water: Drink when you get up and before you go to bed. 
  • 10. Exercise: Go to the gym, walk and get your blood moving to reduce your stress level.

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