The Omega-3 Effect: By Dr. William Sears and Dr. James Sears

The Omega-3 Effect: By Dr. William Sears and Dr. James Sears

We love The Sears family as it is one of the most trusted names in pediatrics today. With over two million books sold, the Sears Parenting Library has established itself as a premier pediatric resource for families in the US.

The family is making the news again. After creating the Sears Wellness InstituteDr William Sears and Dr. James Sears are going beyond the pediatric world and just launched a new book pertaining to health and nutrition:

THE OMEGA-3 EFFECT Everything You Need to Know About the Super nutrient for Living Longer, Happier, and Healthier”.

One of the top changes you can make to have the greatest effect on your health is two simple words: Go fish!” states Dr. William Sears.

Omega-3s are highly unsaturated fatty acids that are commonly found in seafood such as Sockeye Salmon  and fish oil supplements.

THE OMEGA-3 EFFECT explains the nutrient’s chemistry and how it can help heal various mental and physical ailments ranging from high blood pressure to Alzheimer’s disease.

The Searses describe the head-to-toe healing effects that omega-3s possess, including the ability to aid in weight loss, reverse the signs of time, and  the role they play in pregnancy and children’s health.

The book guides readers on how to include omega-3s in their diet by providing proper supplement dosages and information.

At a glance:

Omega-3s Help Your Heart:

Omega-3s stabilize the buildup of plaque on the walls of the arteries, preventing hardening of arteries and subsequent rising blood pressure.

By improving the structural components of the cell membrane, omega-3s help the functioning of brain tissue and consequently build better brain cells.

The Omega-3 Effect During Pregnancy and Your Child’s Infancy:

Cytokines are proinflammatory, protective biochemicals that build up during the final trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. While cytokines are good for the immune system, they can produce abnormalities in sleep and energy levels.

How Omega-3s Help You Lose Weight and Keep You Young:

Most people think of oil as unhealthy, but omega-3 oils are among the healthiest foods in the world. Unlike omega-6 oils—the kind found in factory-processed foods, which lead to high blood pressure and high blood sugar—omega-3 oils reduce the complications of obesity and curb the upsurge in inflammation-causing chemicals.

Omega-3s also do an excellent job of combating ailments of aging, including a weak immune system, joint stiffness, and frail bones.

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