The health benefits of kissing

The health benefits of kissing

Kissing is one the most intimate and romantic acts we can share with our lover or significant other. Studies have shown that there is more to kissing than meets the lips. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of kissing.

Better teeth:
One surprising benefits of kissing is teeth health. Kissing stimulates saliva production, which is known to help wash harmful bacteria off of the teeth. Kissing may also reduce plaque, according to an article from Glamour.

Boosts immune system:
As is expected, kissing does exchange bacteria between the two participants. While this seems like a negative, it can actually become a positive. Kissing can introduce viruses and germs into the participants to help your immune system learn how to deal with them.

Burns calories:
While the calorie burning is very minimal, every one counts. Kissing can burn two to six calories a minute, according to an article from Self.

Fights stress:
This benefit is pretty self-explanatory. Kissing makes you feel better because it is fun, pleasure-filled, and romantic. A recent study showed that people who kissed showed less levels of the stress hormone cortisol afterwards.

Lowers cholesterol:
Kissing releases epinephrine into your blood to make it pump faster, which may help reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

May reduce allergy symptoms:
Another surprising benefit of kissing is its anti-allergy benefits. A small Japenese study found that those who kissed for 30 minutes had lower levels of allergy symptom causing proteins.

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Kissing is more than meets the lips.
Hugs protect from colds and infections.
For the health benefits of love.

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