The antioxidant effects of Omega-3s

The antioxidant effects of Omega-3s

If you research ­fish oil, you are bound to run into two very common myths.

Myth 1:

Fish oil acts as a very strong blood thinner, so strong that it diminishes that it impairs clotting ability in response to injury or surgery.

This myth was dispelled by William Harris, Ph.D., and he disproved this myth.

 Myth 2:

The omega-3s found in fish oil easily oxidize, creating free radicals, which in turn promote inflammation.

The truth is, omega-3s Omega-3 EPA and DHA are susceptible to oxidation when exposed to air, because they are highly unsaturated fats.

This is why “warm” seafood becomes smelly and why fish oil exposed to air turns rancid quite fast.

Yet, it is proven that Omega-3s also protect against cardiovascular disease. Why is this significant? Because one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease is promoted by oxidation of cholesterol, and oxidation related inflammation in artery walls.

So it cannot be possible that omega-3s promote harmful inflammation based on this contradiction.

A German study has also confirmed that people who take fish oil daily had an increase in antioxidant genes, and a decrease in pro-oxidant genes.

Note: Omega-3s don’t oxidize in your body or in fish oil capsules

Fish oil and krill oil supplements contain one of two kinds of antioxidants, which serve to protect the omega-3s inside the capsule, before you consume them:

Wild salmon oil naturally contains astaxanthin.

Krill oil naturally contains high levels of astaxanthin.

Standard (chemically refined) fish oil usually contains added tocopherol (usually synthetic), which is one of the molecules in the vitamin E family. All reputable brands will test their oil for the presence of oxidation byproducts, to be sure that the antioxidants are doing their job.

There is little doubt that almost all supplemental fish oil and krill oil  contain enough natural astaxanthin or synthetic vitamin E to prevent significant oxidation of the omega-3s in the oil.

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