Sugar-free drinks damage teeth

Sugar-free drinks damage teeth

The dangers of sugar are well documented. Recent research has shown that high sugar intake can greatly increase heart disease risk, and a new MRI technique even confirmed that cancer cells feed on sugar.

If you are not convinced, take a look at what kicking sugar for 10 days can do for you in a recent University of California, San Francisco study.

Because of sugar’s deservedly bad reputation, companies have adapted and released “sugar-free” versions of their drinks. However, these drinks contain other sweeteners like aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, which in some ways can be even worse.

Artificial sweeteners trick the body into thinking that is not consuming sweeteners, and changes the palette. These sweeteners have been linked to many health problems, including weight gain and depression.

New research from the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in University of Melbourne, Australia shows that sugar-free drinks damage teeth.

The researchers found that sugar-free drinks with acidic additives and low pH caused softening of dental enamel.

Many people are not aware that while reducing your sugar intake does reduce your risk of dental decay, the chemical mix of acids in some foods and drinks can cause the equally damaging condition of dental erosion,” said Eric Reynolds, a professor at Melbourne Dental School.

The acid damages the surface of tooth enamel, and can expose the soft pulp of the tooth.

The researchers recommend the following:

Experts suggest you quench thirst with water, a much healthier alternative to soft drinks, pop or sports beverages.

Also, regular check-ups with your oral health professional can help to detect early dental erosion, which can usually be reversed with treatments to replace lost minerals. If the erosion is more advanced, then the lost surface may need a filling or a crown.

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